Instagram Growth Ideas: Optimize For Better Discoverability


For growing your business, social media plays a huge role. When we are talking about social media, we just can not miss the name of Instagram.

After all, it is the new most favorite marketing platform of the commercial industry.

Apart from offering us a way of entertainment, Instagram is also allowing different types of businesses to engage their viewers, clearing their doubts, and offering the necessary information about the brand and businesses.

It is great that you are also planning to use this platform for the overall growth of your business. But you have to ensure that you are optimizing your Instagram for discoverability.

Instagram Growth Ideas For Better Discoverability

Yes, you need to optimize your Instagram for better discoverability. In order to do that, you need to give more attention to different instagram growth ideas.

Here, in this article, for your reference, we are helping you with some major ideas that will change your Instagram marketing result.

Idea 1: Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Isn’t it obvious that you need to set up your profile properly? At the same time, you also can not forget that your account should be a business page and also need to be set as a public profile. For your Instagram SEO, you might turn to some small tweaks.

The name and username should be memorable so that your target audiences can find you easily. Your bio should include a brief introduction of your business and then also paste the links of your website, and social media account for easy navigation.

Idea 2: Take Advantage Of Your Instagram Videos

Within a really short time span, video has become the most absorbing form of content. Everyone knows that now. To stand out and attract the interest of the viewers, you only have 8 seconds or less than that before your viewers start to scroll again.

IGTV is indeed a great option to attract your viewers and audiences. At the same time, it also makes things very easy for your viewers to consume the content.

Idea 3: Include Primary Keyword In Your Display Name

For a start, you are required to think critically or just use a keyword planner so that you can pinpoint the primary keywords. Your keywords should always be those words for which you are trying to optimize your profile.

For this particular purpose, you can take assistance from a number of primary tools. You also can utilize the explore section and search for long-tail phrases or keywords and see what comes up.

Idea 4: Use Secondary Keywords In Your Bio

Secondary keywords are obviously related to your primary keywords and are actually crucial for Instagram optimization. Secondary keywords usually include all those related topics and phrases that move around the orbit of all those primary keywords.

With the help of orange linings, secondary keywords are highlighted. This particular thing promotes the idea of focusing on the essential keywords in the bio section.

Idea 5: Consider Your Hashtags As Keywords

Hashtags are just not some trend or afterthoughts. They are really powerful when it comes to making your industry and business more discoverable. After the primary and secondary keywords, hashtags are those words or phrases that target your business.

When you are optimizing your Instagram for better discoverability, you must consider hashtags as your keywords. They are often used by users for getting the solution they are searching for.

Idea 6: Add Captions Using Your Secondary Keywords

Now come to one of the most attractive and essential parts. Instagram marketing is all about posting images and videos. It is also obvious that you are going to describe the visual content you are posting with a good caption.

Here you need to be extra careful about including your secondary keywords in the caption. Make the caption as descriptive as you can afford. It must convey the message you want to serve to your audiences.

Instagram Growth Ideas

In order to optimize your Instagram profile, you need to develop proper planning, including all the ideas and strategies we have mentioned above. In addition to that, you also need to focus on the content quality and relevancy of your profile.

Only increasing discoverability is not going to help you in the long run; you also have to be serious about retaining your viewers.

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