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Who wouldn’t love to take their business to the next level? But the question is how? It was not possible to reach your products and brand to millions of people in one go. Now, it is possible. If you want a number of customers to follow your brand and end up buying your products then, Instagram will work like magic for you.

Instagram has around 1 billion monthly active users and the number is more than Twitter. Do you know almost 25 million businesses are on Instagram for the promotion of their products? And they are always looking for ideas on how they can communicate with the Instagram community.

Instagram is a platform for discovering new scopes of networking and growing your business. Let’s jump in to know how to get ahead with your business on Instagram.

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Create an Instagram Business profile

Remember, if you are going to promote your products on Instagram, then you need to set a business account. A business account must be different than your personal Instagram account.

The personal Instagram account is about you. But a business account is all about the marketing of your products. The content that is not related to your brands will not help you to boost your sales.

An Instagram business account has an additional feature to add a phone number, an official email address, and a business’s physical address.


What can we do for the presence for greater customer appeal?

  1. Don’t forget to add a link to increase the audience flow to your website or page. There is only one place where you can include the clickable link. Yes! It’s your bio. Under your page name and description, include the link to your website or page where you wanted to land your audience.
  2. Your business account needs a perceptible and consistent name and photo. The name and profile image should reflect what your brand is about. Select a distinguished name that relates to your brand.
  3. If I talk about profile images, stay recognizable. Once a person visits your profile should immediately recognize it when they search for it. Don’t put so much pressure on your mind. Just add any unique element to your profile image that helps people to recognize your brand swiftest.

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What thing on your page can hold the followers?

It’s essential to grab the attention of your Instagram followers. What thing do you notice first when you visit any Instagram profile? I check bio first to know” what this profile is about”? If I find any connectivity with the content, then I follow that account.

Bio is the first thing to appear when people click on your profile. Your bio decides the action of the visitor if they want to follow you or not. Engaging bio of the business may persuade the visitor to scroll for more content.

So add a killer bio that holds the followers’ attention.

Set remarkable goals

Before spending any time and money on Instagram, ask yourself “What do you want to accomplish?” Once you get the answer, set some goals that need to be attained.

Let’s check out remarkable goals that brands, teams, and individuals choose for their Instagram presence:

  1. Introduce the products and services to the Instagram community.
  2. Grow and engage with the audience.
  3. Raise cognizance of your brand
  4. Showcase behind the scene to the audience
  5. Share company culture, values, news, and updates.

Create crazy content and post consistently.

A picture is a way to explain everything without saying a word even. Do you know that around 90% of data transmitted to our minds is visual?

Use this effective method of posting product photos on your Instagram business profile. While creating Instagram posts, keep few things in mind:

  1. The picture must be creative as well as professional.
  2. The size and quality of the picture must be accurate.
  3. Use editing tools like Instagram editing tools to magnify the feeling and colors of the pictures.
  4. Create posts for the announcements of exclusive offers.
  5. Create sui generis photos to showcase your brand culture.

Include caption and hashtags to engage

Did you know that captions are the way to express more about your post and try to engage with the audience? Some brands use captions to tell tales or micro-blogging, and others use them to ask questions. So that audience engages with their post and replies in the comments. Make sure that your caption doesn’t go off with your brand.

Hashtags are prominent. A relevant hashtag will assist you to reach the target audience on Instagram. For example- a brand created hashtag #Bombaystories to share the stories of passionate people. Hashtags act as a bridge to connect brands with followers. Not only this, but followers connect with each other, also.

Repost your followers’ tagged Photos on your own Instagram business profile:

Reposting your user’s tagged photo to your feed, add value to the Instagram business profile. Users feel good when brands repost their content. It benefits both parties. The followers keep visiting your feed to keep an eye on your content.

To increase your following, you need to share content consistently. But how do you convert a follower to a paying as well as a loyal customer? Simply; by engaging!

Include trending content in your Instagram story

Do you know what is trending today? If no, then you need to be updated about the going on-trend. And create a post relevant to the trend and maximize the excitement of the followers. But remember, the story should link to your brand.

Follow these astounding tactics to move your business to the next level. I am sure you have read all of these tactics. It won’t be a lie if I say everyone is on this platform, even their dog. Instagram is the second most used social media platform after FB. And around 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business. So, Instagram deserves your time, and you should use this platform for the immense growth of your business.

“Are you ready to take your business to new heights?”

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