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Instagram has vastly evolved since it was first launched on the 6th of October in 2010. Since then, several features have been added, the algorithm has changed, and more than one billion users have joined. It has been a decade and Instagram is still one of the most popular social media networks all over the world. From a mobile application that serves as a platform for users to share important moments of their lives through photos, it has become an avenue to start-up businesses and brand marketing.

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Instagram has become one of the major platforms for social media influencers. You are considered as an influencer if you have a huge following that you could ‘influence’ with what activities you do and what products you use every day. They usually have thousands to millions of followers — the higher the follower count, the more they are considered as famous.

Aside from followers, other engagements in your account like views and likes can affect your credibility and relevance in the eyes of your audience and bigger brands. Here are four strategies that could help you increase those engagements which could help you grow your reach as well as secure brand deals.

Post eye-catching content for your feed

Let’s start with the most basic but the most important: your content. It is essential to post photos and videos that are both eye-catching and relevant to your brand. Choose an aesthetic or theme that you will be using for every post. This will help make your profile more cohesive and attracting.

Use Instagram ads

You have now the option to turn your posts into sponsored ads. Instagram has a feature where you can pay to advertise your posts outside your following so other people can see and potentially engage with it. This will drive in more possible followers outside your circle.

Add hashtags on your captions

If you want one strategy that is free, then go with the old hashtags (#). By adding hashtags on your posts, people who are interested and follow that specific hashtag will be able to see it. That is why it is important to use popular hashtags that have millions of followers. The good thing is you can add as many keywords as you want.

Buy engagements

Did you know that you could pay for services that will help you increase the number of your followers, likes, as well as views? With all the development in software programming, you are able to buy these engagements and see improvements in just a short time. You just have to make sure that you are transacting with credible companies.

Viral Race can help you increase your engagements and you will be able to see results immediately. You do not need to worry about gaining more followers as they will do all that for you. They can also boost the number of likes and views you get on every post you have. Especially if you are just starting to build your account, buying engagements will give the boost you need to reach a wider audience and grow your brand faster.

These tips are the best strategies to follow that could lead your way to social media success. Remember that along with these, you need to equip yourself with patience and motivation that could help you push yourself every day as you reach your goals.

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