Android 12

Nowadays, most flagship Android smartphones have Android 12 on them. For those who are new or strangers to Android, it is a Linux-kernel based operating system for smartphones and tablets, commercialised by Google. It’s been almost fourteen years since the first version of Android OS came out, and now there’s the twelfth major release of Android, Android and Android 12.1 (For larger devices like tablets, foldable phones and phablets), and responses toward Android OS and its skins throughout these years have been pretty great because of how simple and user friendly it is.

However, since this article focuses on Android 12, let’s get into it!

Android 12 is not just another Android OS that people actually don’t pay any attention to. It’s the most personalised and customisable Android OS so far. Moreover, it also has improved accessibility and data privacy control. But let’s dive deeper into the accessibility, personalisation and customisation features.

Android 12’s User Interface/ Material design is branded as “Material You”, representing an interface that you can modify according to your requirements. Let’s list out some of the UI modifications you can make: –

  • Improved Accessibility Features- You can now use your phone with gestures best suitable for visual impairment situations. You can choose from about six facial gestures like ‘raise eyebrows’, ‘smile’, ‘open mouth’, ‘look up’, ‘look left’, and ‘look right’ to operate your phone. You can even switch to voice access just by holding the power button. Miscellaneous features include Area Magnification, Bold Text and Extra Dimming Toggle button.
  • Better Haptics- If you are someone who games extensively or is just into a more responsive outlook of an OS, say no more and switch to any phone with Android 12. There have been visible improvements in this version in the mentioned context. Every tap and scroll feels almost fresh as a life with smooth scrolling, enhanced animations and motion graphics.
  • Customisable Themes – There would have been times when you wished that you could align your phone UI theme, widget buttons and icons with shades of your wallpaper. Well…Android 12 has fulfilled your wishes now! In fact, this is the best-selling feature of Android 12.

So, you can see here that it is indeed a very personal Operating System. Now, let’s focus on complementing the phone’s UI with the phone’s exterior.

Android 12 could only resolve what’s inside the phone, and on the outside, you can’t do anything about the shade/hue without spending a fortune. Generally, people move to phone cases for exterior customisation because they come in various colours and patterns. However, phone cases are okay but not the best for customisation purposes because they add up extra weight and ruin the actual shape of the phone. And that’s why switching to phone skins is the best and the only option for customisation if you don’t like too much bulk.

For those who don’t know what phone skins are: Phone skins are self-adhesive, slim, textured sheets cut precisely as per phone dimensions and external features such as camera bumps, volume and power buttons, which when applied correctly, will appear to be almost like a whole new shade.

In India, one of the leading brands for phone skins and wraps is They provide a plethora of options of mobile skins and wraps for more than 500+ devices. These phone skins are made of 3M Vinyl materials. The collection is multi-textured, ranging from rustic patterns like wood, Leather, Fabrix and stone to quirky ones like Pixel, Metallic, Hive, Raptor, Camouflage and Sandstone. You can customise, mix and match these textures according to your phone UI anytime!

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