In-App Voice Calling: What is it and Why it matters in 2021


In-App Voice Calling API

What- audio call API

Why- to exhibit the potential of audio call benefits

Who- audio call apps

When- right now

In simpler terms, this blog will help you understand the impact of voice calling apps and the benefits it holds.

Did you know that in-app voice is creating convenience for the generation of today?

Today the internet is becoming a platform to connect one individual to the next.

While video calls are growing popular, many businesses or individuals are not able to see the true potential of voice calls.

After conducting multiple types of research about voice calls and their impact, we are confident that this communication platform will improve your current communication performance.

Need more proof? Let this blog be your guide.


Table of Content

  • Audio Calling: A Powerful Communication Platform In 2021
  • 8 Proofs To Make You Believe In The Power Of In-App Audio Calls

. Provides a neat and instant communication experience

. Provides Budget Friendly communication solutions

. Provides a user-friendly communication platform

. Conducts audio conferencing activities

. Provides multiple voices calling features

. Delivers a high-quality audio experience

. Provides a call recording feature

. Secures audio engagements

  • MirrorFly: How This API Provider Can Assist In Delivering High-Quality Audio Calling Experience In 2021

. 100% customisable option

. Provides Audio encrypted solutions

. Provides low latency

. Offers multi-user conferencing

  • Conclusion

Audio Calling: A Powerful Communication Platform In 2021

Audio calling has always been around the corner, but how many users make use of it?

Did you know that audio calling is a much more convenient and simple mode of communication when compared to other platforms?

While video calling is great to engage with another user, voice call offers more benefits.

To connect instantly with another person, audio calls will be your first preference.

With a click of a button, users are immediately connected to anyone from their contact list.

All you require is an internet connection.

So, what would happen if you incorporated voice calls in your in-app platforms?

8 Proofs To Make You Believe In The Power Of In-App Audio Calls – </h2>

To get started with audio calls, we prefer if you invested in the best voice API.

There are multiple API providers available in the market that offer a readymade communication API.

These APIs offer tons of dedicated voice calling features that will help you cater to your users in more than one way.

But before we can head to understanding the provider, you need to first understand the impact voice call APIs hold and the potential benefits of voice call integration.

The below information will guide you better:

  • Provides a neat and instant communication experience

With audio calling, the process is simple. Tap the audio button and get started.

There is no need for any complex directions.

  • Provides Budget Friendly communication solutions

When you connect with another user from a different location whether domestically or internationally, there are no charges or fees implied.

As stated earlier, if you have an internet connection, the calls can be conducted seamlessly.

  • Provides a user-friendly communication platform

Audio calling isn’t limited to smartphones alone. You can connect with anyone via other devices as well such as desktops and more.

To connect with another user, you will have to choose the contacts you wish to engage with from the in-app contact list, tap the audio button and speak. It is this easy and simple.

  • Conducts audio conferencing activities

Conferencing isn’t limited to video calls alone.

With in-app audio calling, there is a possibility for an audio conferencing system. This action is beneficial to conduct group meetings instantly as the audio conferencing can hold up to 4-12 members easily in one call.

  • Provides multiple voices calling features

Investing in a communication API provider can reap multiple benefits.

To name a few are voice call notifications, audio de routing, and much more. These additions work in your favour to deliver an exceptional voice calling experience.

  • Delivers a high-quality audio experience

Have you noticed that due to certain issues, your normal audio calling gets affected?

The quality of the call reduces and this leads to an unsatisfactory audio calling experience. But with an in-app audio calling experience, these issues are eliminated as when compared to the above audio calls, latency and dropout rates are relatively lesser.

  • Provides a call recording feature

In-app audio calling lets you record your calls for future use.

In simple terms, if you’re conducting meetings or catering to clients over audio calls, a call recording feature gives you the opportunity to hear that call again and work on or improve your engagements with them further. This works on driving better conversions and productivity for the brand.

  • Secures audio engagements

Just like how video encryption is possible, this same applies to audio encryption as well.

Every call is personal and along with that multiple confidential information is being shared, hence with an in-app audio calling, communication API providers ensure that your audio calls are secured highly.

MirrorFly: How This API Provider Can Assist In Delivering High-Quality Audio Calling Experience In 2021 – </h2>

MirrorFly is a well-established communication API provider. Apart from providing chat and video call APIs, it also provides an audio calling API.

MirrorFly’s ready-to-use voice calling solution lets you integrate highly secured voice calling APIs and SDKs into any device and platform to provide real-time engagement.

  • 100% customisable option-

Every business is different which is why the way they exhibit or cater to their leads needs to be unique.

MirrorFly offers a 100% customizable option wherein, every business or user can create their in-app audio calling based on their requirements. To name a few are SIP/VoIP integration, diverse hosting options, call configurations, and more.

  • Provides Audio encrypted solutions-

Audio-calling conversations contain multiple information wherein even crucial or confidential data is shared.MirrorFly offers their audio encrypted feature where callers can securely engage with another user without fearing data leaks or eavesdroppers.

This API provider is well encrypted with E2EE to eliminate API voice data from being read or decrypted by traffic hackers. Their security solutions also include cloud recording, secure TURN relay, adding your own TURN servers, and AES.

  • Provides low latency

In normal audio calling, users tend to face common issues such as network problems, no connection, or poor quality audio experiences.

With MirrorFly, the API provider provides low latency. It offers clear HQ audio calls with low bandwidth to maximize voice calling experience no matter which devices are being used for the engagement.

  • Offers multi-user conferencing

MirrorFly lets you host up to 250 participants over a low latency audio calling conferencing.

The users could be anywhere from the globe and just requires a good internet connection to get connected. Whether you’re engaging to discuss crucial matters or conducting several meetings, this feature of MirrorFly lets you do much more in an efficient manner.


Using a Voice calling API can unleash better communication performance.

While it may seem like a normal communication tool, when it comes to connecting with another user instantly, nothing can compete with its speed and standards.

We recommend you invest in an audio calling API provider as they offer multiple in-app voice call features that enhance the overall audio calling experience.

So tell us, when do you plan to get started?

What are your views about investing in the best video call app?

Does the idea of in-app audio calling convince you to make the change?

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