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Businesses have long since realized the power of social media, and now many companies are focusing most of their marketing efforts on social networks. Instagram has seen a massive influx of new users, which has attracted both businesses and influencers. In this article, we will cover how to use Instagram to grow your business and achieve more sales.

Increase the number of followers

Our number one spot is taken by the most important feature that Instagram can offer any business, and that is increasing their reach. You can use any social media network as a platform to reach more customers. Realistically, you can use them for much more than that, but even just expanding your number of followers and growing your customer base will work wonders for any business.

When the pandemic started, there was a large increase in the number of users on social networks, but also in the average time spent online. The average Instagram user spends around 30 minutes each day browsing content and looking at videos. By attracting a large following, you will have many people scrolling through your content every day.

Rework your profile

The same thing is true for in-person acquaintances and online communication – you will have very little time to make a first impression. Therefore, the most important thing about your Instagram account is how your business profile looks at first glance. If you don’t immediately catch someone’s attention, they will move on, and who knows when you’ll get another chance to offer them your products. Everything on your profile needs to work in unison to give the visitors of your page the right idea about your brand:

  • Your profile image needs to stand out. Consider reworking or minimizing your logo so that it looks good in all sizes. Remove any words and unnecessary text from your logo since they probably won’t be visible if your logo is scaled down.
  • Carefully word your bio. Leave a short description of what your company does. Keep in mind that Instagram limits your ability to post clickable links. Use that space well and make the most of your link. Have it lead to a landing page that can serve as a menu with multiple further links.
  • Have your posts stand out from one another. Having a consistent theme is one thing, but when people visit your profile, they need to be able to tell different posts apart.

Boost your conversions

You can use the following you have to boost your rate of conversions. However, once you have spent some time on social media, you’ll begin to notice that the quality of your following also matters, not just the quantity. You can choose to artificially increase the number by buying followers, but that can be a mixed bag as it comes with its own pros and cons. At the end of the day, organic reach is what matters the most since they are the ones you will be trying to convert.

Conversions represent people who have looked at your account and who you have managed to turn into a lead or customer. The best way to use Instagram to grow your business is to get in direct contact with your ideal clients. Those are the ones who are going to respond to your call to action. Of course, for this to work, you first need to understand who your ideal client is and what needs and problems you can solve for them.

Ideally, your marketing department can help you with that. You could go a step further and use Instagram to determine the needs of your users. Look at the questions which are being asked in the comments. Try to determine what the users need and what kind of content is lacking – and then start creating.

Produce video content

Although Instagram initially started as a photo-sharing platform, videos have long since taken over. This was a steady trend, even before the pandemic began, and it has only continued to grow. Nowadays, Instagram users spend most of their time watching videos. The internet used to be about reading, but online users absorb most of their information through videos.

To effectively use Instagram to grow your business, you need to produce video content of your own. Make sure to include something that will interest viewers and always offer them value in your content. Depending on your product or niche, your videos can take the form of guides, tutorials, or tips. Keep in mind that short videos perform the best on Instagram, so you might need to trim your videos. Use IGTV and Instagram Live to share quality content instead of just pushing for sales. This will draw in a larger crowd, and it will build confidence in your brand as users look to you for answers.

Connect with influencers

Social media influencers can be great brand ambassadors. It’s best if you find someone who caters to your niche. They will have experience with the type of products you are selling, and they also know the demographic. Reach out to them with a proposal and see if you can come to an agreement about a partnership. There are several ways in which influencers can use Instagram to grow your business:

  • One is by simply being able to reach more people if they have a larger following than you do.
  • They will promote your product by using it themselves, which can put your brand in a positive light.
  • You can test how well an influencer is doing by giving them specialized affiliate links to offer their followers.
  • Share the content of your favorite influencers on your page. It’s definitely easier than constantly creating content yourself.

In conclusion

As you can see, a strong Instagram presence can do wonders for any business, regardless of what line of work they are in. Now that we’ve shown you how to use Instagram to grow your business – it’s time to get out there and conquer the social networks.

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