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No matter what you do for a living: Bloggers, marketing experts and search engine optimizers alike need regular breaks. These breaks are about getting away from work, either by sending your brain into neutral or briefly engaging it with something completely different. This often clears up the congestion of thoughts and gets the brain waves flowing again. What is the best way to fill the breaks?

Get the body moving

We often use our breaks to have a cup of coffee and hang out for a bit. This can have a good effect and therefore makes sense, but variety doesn’t hurt either. For example, you could use the free minutes for exercise to relieve stress and stimulate circulation. For example, a short walk around the house or a brisk round on the cross trainer is useful. If you position a fitness device in your office, you always have the workout option in front of you and can easily use it in between. But maybe you’re more in the mood for a few stretching exercises to relieve your tense muscles. Or you can jump a few rounds with your skipping rope: The main thing is to get your body moving and meanwhile improve your health.

Getting the head moving

Yes, I know, your head has been in motion all along. You’ve been chasing keywords, working out themes, dealing with technical things. So, you’ve been following a direction all along and maybe getting a bit stuck. Better send your thoughts in a completely different direction during the break and shake yourself loose again! For example, you could choose one of the best online casinos and let your grey cells work there. At, there is a large selection of virtual gaming venues, clearly arranged so that you can pick out the most tempting conditions. Then click on the selected provider and plunge into the fun. This way, you spend your time on something completely different from your work and can start refreshed afterward.

Sending the soul on a journey

It’s not just your body and brain that can move around, your soul also needs regular exercise. During your breaks, you can make sure that the grey cells get some air to breathe, for example through meditation. You can take part in guided fantasy journeys, some of which are very good on YouTube. Or you can buy CDs that take you on a mental walk in the woods or send you on an emotionally vacation to a lonely island. You might also attend a meditation course and learn from scratch how to pamper your soul. You can use the learned methods whenever you feel like it. In this way, they will become your faithful companion and a source of strength in your strenuous everyday working life.

Living out your creativity

Your creativity has a lot to do with your soul, but your mind also comes into play. If you want, you can be creative during your breaks, for example by painting, writing stories or making music. It all depends on your disposition and interests. Pursue a hobby you’ve had for a long time and bring it into your office. Or conquer new areas, learn to play an instrument or buy a book to learn how to draw. You may also want to finally write that novel you’ve been planning for so long. In your breaks you at least have some time for it, and your commitment can even have a positive effect on your work. If you distract yourself between work, you will be better able to get back to the “old” topic and possibly come up with completely new ideas.

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Just switch off completely

All that is too exhausting for you, you would rather really relax? Then switch off during your breaks, unplug, lie down and take a nap. Many people really need their afternoon nap, it gives them a lot of energy and only afterwards they feel really well rested. If you’ve never had a midday nap before, try it out and see if it’s right for you. Alternatively, you can close your eyes and let your mind wander, listen to soft music and relax to the maximum. Don’t go back to work until you’ve fully enjoyed the break! This applies to all the activities we suggest. Especially people who work independently should do something good for themselves in between! They tend to overexert themselves far too much.