How to Effectively Track Text Messages without Access to the Phone


Are you a parent aiming at monitoring your child’s digital life? Or are you aiming to check whether your older parents are susceptible to fraud? If yes, you might be thinking about tracking text message spy without access to phone. Unlike what many people think, you may not need to have strong IT skills to attain this. It all comes down to what method you want to use. Some methods require only a little bit of computer or smartphone skills.

It should be noted that text message tracking is considered to be an infringement of privacy. Having said all that, let’s dive in. The methods which may be used are set out below.

Third-party apps

The most common method that is used to track the text messages of a victim is the use of third-party applications. These third-party apps are sometimes referred to as spyware. The name spyware is derived from its ability to aid in spying on a victim’s phone.

Spy applications are easy to come by, hence their popularity. Another perk of these applications is their ease of use. What is needed is the installation of the application on the victim’s phone. However, most of these applications are not free to use. For you to gain full access to the application, you will have to part with some cash.

For you to gain access to the victim’s phone, you will be required to install the applications secretly. Therefore, you will be required to put some social engineering skills to good use. Social engineering in this case is the manipulation of the victim into giving you access to their phone.

Additionally, these spy apps come with extra abilities on top of tracking text messages. For instance, some of these apps can track the real-life location of the victim as well as their browsing history.

Taking advantage of application features

Nowadays, most software providers are focused on making life for their clients as easy as possible. For this reason, messaging apps come with added advantages such as linking. You can take full advantage of this feature to track text messages.

For example, some texting apps allow you to scan a QR code using your phone’s camera. Once you have scanned the QR code, a replica of the texting app will be displayed on the device. For example, a tablet, laptop, or desktop, in some instances also works on other smartphones.

These applications can also allow you to retain the replica of the app even when the phone is not around. For you to gain access to the texting app on your device, you only have to connect your device to the internet and enjoy it.

One of the greatest advantages of this method is its ease of use. In addition, it does not require any funding. All you have to do is to be careful not to read texts before the victim does since it will alert the victim.


Text message tracking is no easy feat, especially if you do not have full-time access to the phone. However, with ever-growing technology, it is possible to have text message spy without access to phone. The content above is the epitome of such methods worth giving a try. Remember, this article is meant for educational use only!

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