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Streaming services have opened up a whole world of films, TV shows, and more for people to watch whenever they want. We binge-watch our favorite shows during lazy nights at home. And now, we can arrange to watch films live with our friends using Netflix party.

For many people, in-home viewing doesn’t compare to heading out to the cinema. But that’s because they are watching these shows and films the wrong way—on a TV screen!

If you want to take your at-home viewing experience to the next level, you need a home cinema.

As we explain here, setting up your home cinema isn’t as hard as it sounds. Here is what you need to do.

Choose Your Wall Or Surface

The first thing you need to work out is the viewing wall. If there isn’t a wall that’s good for you to project onto, this home project doesn’t have legs.

The ideal wall will be large enough for projecting images. If there’s any furniture around, it will be easy enough to move those out of the way. You want to be able to display your shows without anything interfering with what you are watching.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to or can’t project on to a wall, many people prefer to purchase a pop-up screen (a roll-down shade works, too). You simply set up the screen when you want to watch something at home and project your show or film onto the screen.

Pick up the Right Paint

Projector screens can be costly, so people often choose to use the wall instead. For this, you should invest in some projector screen paint.

Choosing the right paint is very important. Your wall cannot reflect light, and it needs to have a smooth finish. As such, a projector screen paint is vital to an excellent home cinema experience.

Standard colors to use are white and gray, but the exact paint you choose will depend on your room’s lighting, projector, and personal preferences. Gray, silver, or white is fine if you have a bright projector. But for those that are weaker, consider choosing white, as this will better reflect the projection.

Install the Projector

This tech is the centerpiece of your home cinema, without which you’d have no home cinema. If you’re located anywhere around London, you’re lucky enough to avail the excellent services offered by Home Cinema Installers London.

Choosing the right projector can be tricky. Major manufacturers all make great projectors, but each one has different strengths. To decide which projector will work best for your space, you need to consider three key factors: resolution, light output, and contrast.

The more you pay, the better a projector is likely to perform on these metrics.

Not every projector will be great for your space, though. All projectors will be bright enough for a dark or dimly-lit room. But you will need a projector with a more substantial light output if there’s more ambient light in the room. Remember these factors when researching and buying a projector.

Figure Out Who Will Install the Projector

You may hire somebody to install it, depending on your abilities, but installing a projector should be relatively straightforward for those with basic DIY skills. You can purchase portable projectors or those that you can place on a stand.

To install it, you need to calculate the correct distance from the wall so that it projects nicely onto the wall when you install the hardware in the ceiling. You can test this by mounting it on a ladder before installing it permanently.

The Takeaway

A home cinema is a great way to transform any space and bring a bit of real-world excitement into your home. Hopefully, this guide helps you get started!