Mac is a wonderful gadget with awesome features and every new Mac update comes with amazing features and utilities to ease up computing. With the previous version of macOS, Apple understood the need for screen capturing and screen recording. During the work-from-home days and online classrooms, we have used screen capturing and screen recording features several times. You might have also explored free or paid screen recording utilities for professional videos.

macOS has inbuilt utilities like QuickTime Player or iMovie to quickly screen record sound on Mac. These utilities are yet to develop editing features to customize the recorded videos. Users who wish to edit recorded videos, and personalize recording with filters, editing tools, and features, are still opting for the Best Video Recording Software for Mac. Let’s try the basic utilities, to begin with!

Quick Launch Screen Recorder

Try the (Shift + Command + 5) key combination to launch macOS inbuilt screen capture and recording utility. You get a quick access bar to capture a full-screen image, capture the active window, drag and select the area, and record full screen or the selected region.

The screenshot utility allows you to customize the settings and record as per your needs. You can change the destination folder, set up a timer to record, change the default microphone to record voice, show mouse clicks, or display floating thumbnails. The recorded videos can be directly saved into your Videos library.

Screen Record on Mac with QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player has been the default audio and video-playing utility for ages. It has been upgraded to allow you to screen record on Mac with audio. You get options for new movie recording, new audio recording, or new screen recording, and save them on your Mac.

Step 1. Access QuickTime Player from the Applications folder or the App launcher on the Dock.

Step 2. You will find the option of New Screen Recording in the File menu on the Apple menu bar for QuickTime.

Step 3. You will find a small progress bar with a few options. You can drag the required region to select the recordable area or simply click anywhere on the desktop screen to record the entire screen.

Step 4. Explore the down arrow next to the big red dot and select settings to add a mouse click or record voice using an internal Mic. You can also select an external mic if configured.

Step 5. Click on the Red Dot to initiate the recording. You can look for the Stop button on the Apple menu bar to stop and save the recording. You will always have the progress bar with you to add voice with the mic, show mouse clicks, or pause/stop screen recording.

Step 6. As soon as you hit the Stop button, it will pop up the recorded video. You can play, share, edit, or save the recorded video on your Mac. you can save it with (Command + S) or simply click on the File menu and select Save. Browse the new location if you wish to save the recorded video in a different location.

Try Best Video Recording Software for Mac

If you are not able to record creative videos with the above-mentioned inbuilt utilities, you will need the best screen recorder software for Mac. There are free and paid utilities depending on the features you need. Some of them are really awesome for capturing the best tutorials, gameplay, or recording screen with advanced filters.

FREE Screen Recorder – OBS Studio

OBS Studio is undoubtedly the best FREE screen recorder app to capture your screen activity including your webcam feed and voice input with a mic. This video recording software is compatible with all the latest versions of macOS 10.13 and earlier, Windows 11 and older, and Linux operating systems.

It has several intuitive features to customize your videos and record with special effects. You can personalize your videos with a watermark, add multiple objects, customize graphics and experiment what not with screen recording. You can add audio input from speakers or add a mic to record your voice. Add a mouse click, webcam feed, or gameplay with split-screen features. You can explore the setting with the help of its video tutorials.

Final Words

Screen recording can be an everyday need for students or working professionals. You may not want to miss out on any important webinar, conference call, or live broadcast to prepare meeting notes. There are times when we need to screen records without any permissions or with advanced filters. You will need the best screen recording utility for creating professional videos. For regular screen recording with sound on Mac, you can use the inbuilt utilities or make use of the free screen recording software for Mac.