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How to Root Galaxy Note 3 N900 on Official Jelly Bean Android 4.3

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2013)

Through this article, we’re providing the detailed guide on how to root Galaxy Note 3 N900 and install official android 4.3 jelly bean firmware. Galaxy Note 3 has another variant i.e, N905 and this method will not work for that. We’re seeking the help of famous CF-Auto Root Package to root Galaxy Note 3 and definitely this is the safest method to get root access to your Note 3 on official jelly bean version.

how to root Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Note 3 is yet another new flagship phablet from Samsung’s Galaxy series and desperately it has many bloatwares which can not be uninstalled directly without root access. Thus, by rooting your Galaxy Note 3, you can remove those bloatwares and customize your phablet to the next level by installing custom ROMs. So, root Galaxy Note 3 now and we will be providing further resources such as exclusive custom ROMs, various recoveries etc.

How to Root Galaxy Note 3 N900 – CF- Auto Root Package

If you’re familiar with Odin tool, there’s actually no big deal to root Galaxy Note 3 at all. Assuming that you have taken enough precautions before proceeding to next step. Double check that you own a Galaxy Note 3 N900 variant with LTE, Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-Core CPU features. Performing this rooting method with other variant may brick your device forever. Let’s read a quick disclaimer below.


TechBii will not be held responsible for any damage that might cause your device after this process. Also, we are not the inventors of this guide and all the tools and apps provided here are subjected to copyright and belongs to the owner. However, we will try our best to help you in case of further effects.

Root Galaxy Note 3 N900 – Pre-requisites

  • Make sure that you have installed necessary Samsung drivers in your computer. If not, download the drivers from here and install.
  • Charge your battery at least 60% and enable USB debugging as follows Settings>Applications>Development> Android Debugging.
  • Make a backup of all important files including files in the phone storage, contacts, call logs etc. You can also use Google account to save the same.
  • Again check the model number of your device and ensure that you have the one which is specified here.

Step-by-Step Method to Root Galaxy Note 3

You have to download certain files to root your galaxy note, especially CF-Auto Root Package and Odin tool. You can download the same from below links.

  1. Download CF-Auto Root Package
  2. Download latest Odin tool compatible for galaxy note 3.

Now we have acquired the basic need to root Galaxy Note 3 and it’s time to proceed to the real task. Hope you have downloaded the above mentioned files and kept in a safe place on your computer. Done with these steps? Root My Galaxy Note.

  1. Power off your galaxy Note 3 and boot into download mode by pressing Vol down, Home and Power buttons simultaneously.
  2. Now, open the Odin tool on your computer and connect your Note 3 to the system via USB cable being in download mode.
  3. If you have properly installed the necessary drivers for your Note 3 in the computer, the Odin will detect the device and the ID:COM port will turn yellow followed by “added” message in the white box [In the Odin tool itself].
  4. Click on PDA button and load the downloaded CF -Auto Root Package file (
  5. Now start the process by clicking Start button followed by checking the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options in Odin tool.

Your Note 3 is now almost rooted and as a final step, the device will reboot into recovery mode and install the root package. You can also observe that the ID:COM section will now turn green from yellow. If you got the same, it means that you have successfully rooted your Note 3 and flashed latest android jelly bean 4.3 on your device.

If you have got any trouble in this how to root root Galaxy Note 3 guide, feel free to ask us. We will provide help to root Galaxy Note 3.

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