How To Keep Your Cloud Storage Secure?


Cloud storage is highly integrated into different devices, including desktops, mobiles, and others. And it has enabled syncing more data to and from the cloud, including photos, documents, passwords, music, and more. Needless to say, that cloud storage has made our life more accessible than ever. And with plenty of benefits, such as accessing all your data from any place and device, there are risks associated with cloud storage.

As cloud storage is powered by the Internet, it can be prone to get hacked, and as a result, all your stored files will be accessible by anyone. But here is how you can keep that from happening.

Use Two Factor Authentication And Strong Passwords

If you go through all the security tips regarding your cloud storage, you will find something in common. Everyone will tell you to apply two-factor authentication for your cloud accounts. Choosing long and unique passwords is mandatory as they are difficult to guess and make your account safer than ever. Also, avoid sharing your password with anyone even though they are trustworthy.

Two-way authentication is available in the most popular cloud storage services. It helps to keep away unwelcome visitors from your cloud storage files even if they know your username and password. While entering your cloud storage, you will receive a code on your mobile phone.

Recheck The Deleted Files

You will find a recycle bin installed in most cloud storage services. Those recycle bins store all the deleted files for a few days or weeks after you delete them. This feature is often beneficial and advantageous if someone has tried wiping out something from your account.

Suppose you cannot find the recently deleted files. In that case, you can check the recently deleted link of your cloud account to view and permanently delete those files. But, if you want to delete something that you definitely don’t want to get back in the future, or you don’t want anyone else to find the file, clear out your deleted files.

Thoughtfully Connect Other Apps And Accounts

Even if you tried every possible way to keep your cloud account safe, the hackers know other ways too. If you don’t allow the hackers to enter from the front door, they might gain access from different apps and accounts. In other words, when you install an application and allow all the access to the app administrator, it can be convenient for hackers to get access to your cloud. As a result, it makes your cloud account more vulnerable.

To keep your cloud storage protected, we recommend you regularly check with third-party applications if they have access to your cloud storage and remove any of those apps you are not actively using.

Turn On An Alert

Most cloud storage service comes with a feature of sending you alerts of significant events such as sign-ins. And it’s essential to ensure that you have switched on that feature on your cloud storage. You can also stay updated about all the activities inside your account, such as new file sharing and removal of files and folders. With this feature, you can check in on what’s happening in your cloud account.

Remember that hackers can get access to your cloud storage in many unethical ways. You need to act mindfully while doing any activity on your cloud storage, including file transfer. When you go wrong with your file transfer, your entire cloud storage becomes accessible to people you never want to share your files with. GoAnywhere offers you a secure solution for all your cloud file transfer needs. We add extra protection to keep your most confidential files safe. To know more, visit and reach out to us.

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