How to Install Android OS on your PC Without Emulators [DIY Guide]


Last updated on September 2nd, 2021 at 11:00 am

Have you ever wished to use Android applications especially video games on bigger displays with more controls? If yes, then this article how to install android on PC will help you fulfill your desire without using any emulators!

how to install android on pc

As we all know Android operating systems are so much popular. These daysmost people prefer Android more than meals ;). The easyfast and fantastic overall performance made the platform highlighted from other OS.  Android is a lot beneficial to the fields consisting of trainingprofessionenjoyment, and studiesetc. Let’s move to our topic.

Even if you have Windows or any other operating systems on your PC, it is always better to hold Android too, because of it’s never ending scope. There are many free & paid android emulators easily available on the internet, but here we are going to discuss how to install android on pc without emulators. But you may have some questions like this: “But How?”

I can clarify little bit simpler, Like installing Windows or any other operating systems (Like Linux, Ubuntu, etc) on our computer, we can install android too. And you can enter into the OS from the boot menu itself (Dual Boot Method), unlike entering from windows using Dropbox or using any other android emulators.

So, I think the concept is clear now! Okay, Here we are going to see two methods, the first method is too simple but only suitable for devices with Intel x86 series CPU and another method is more complex than the first. Let’s see how to install android Os PC detailed.

How to Install Android on PC [Using Phoenix]

Phoenix Os is based on Android and specially designed for computers. It supports both 32 & 64 bit CPU. It can be installed on the device without affecting the original document. Also, you can simply uninstall if you feel to do so, from your primary operating system (Windows/Mac) without any complexity.


Goto Phoenix OS Official Site 


If you are a Windows user then download Exe Installer. Else, go for the ISO file.


After downloading open the exe file, you have to provide the location where you want to install. Select write to Hard drive(recommended) or select write to U Disk. Why recommending write to Hard drive? It is better to install on the hard drive in order to enjoy maximum performance. And also they are promising that your files will be 100% safe.


Allocate size and click install. Here I’m choosing 32GB you are free to choose any of the below options according to your desire, choosing more space is always better.


You will get a window like this. Click on reboot, so that you can enter into Phoenix Os from boot Menu.


Then select Phoenix Os from the boot Menu… you will see something like this:

Okay, sat back and have a cup of coffee. Sorry, you won’t get enough time to complete it 😉


Wow!! now time for first set up. Provide required details and proceed further.

You have successfully completed the task, well done!

How I Uninstall Phoenix Os?

As I mentioned earlier, you can simply uninstall Phoenix Os if you feel to do so. It is also an easy task like how you install. You will not get any problems due to deleted grub or any other parts of the operating system.

In order to uninstall Phoenix: Click on the same file that we clicked once while installing the Os (i.e click on the installation file). When you click that you will get a window like this…

Click on the Uninstall option, then finish your coffee that you put unfinished once. Unfortunately, again you will not get enough time to do so ;).

Okay. here ends the guide for Phoenix. Let’s move forward if you have any trouble with this method.

How to Install Android on PC [Using Direct ISO]

This method is harder than previous one. And can’t promise guarantee that it will affect your files or not. And also the procedure for removing is also difficult.

If we wish for something, then we should achieve it, right? So, let’s proceed!


Let’s, Goto UNetbootin official website and download UNetbootin (if you are a windows user, then click windows like ways) for free

What is UNetbootin? A software that allows you to create bootable USB drivers.


Then time for hunting iso file Select any iso file that you need from random one. Download for free.


So here we have both files (iso & UNetbootin). Open UNetbootin and browse iso. Then choose a type, drive then click ok.

Select Type Hard Disk and Drive as C:\ (you choose, if you want to install it on USB then simply choose type as USB)


After completion, Restart your computer and choose UNetbootin from the boot menu.

Done! You can now enjoy Android on your PC.

Additional: Test Apk using chrome extension[Size: 12MB]

You can test apk (android executable file) files using a chrome extension called ARC Welder


I always recommend using Phoenix. As I said before, it is specially designed for computers. Although you can opt any of these methods.


Note: Any action you take upon the information you find on this article, is strictly at your own risk. Techbii will not be liable for any losses or damages.

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