How to Install Android on your PC Using Emulators [DIY Guide]


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Android is an operating system loaded with lots of useful abilities that we can utilize for various needs. We all are very familiar with the word Android, so here in this “How to install android on PC” article, we shall find some popular Android Emulators to enjoy the Android experience on our PC.

how to install android on pc

We have seen the sudden growth of Android OS within 9 years. At the time when Google developed Android operating system, it was too launched with limited features like any other at starting stages and now stays at its golden age.

If you are one among those who are wishing to use Android Apps/Games on bigger screens with more comfortable controls, then this article “How to install android on PC” will really help you. As I have mentioned earlier, there are many android emulators freely available on the wide virtual world (on the Internet). We will see top 5 selected Android Emulators in this “how to install android on pc” article.

What is an Android Emulator? Well, An emulator is a hardware or software that enables one operating system to behave like another operating system. Okay, let’s see one by one.

How to Install Android on PC


how to install android on pc

The most popular Android App Player, Based on Layercake technology that enables even the most graphics intensive games/apps to run smoothly on your PC. If you choose this one, then you will definitely get an ultimately unique experience. Full-screen support, Fast and user-friendly interphase made Bluestacks reliable.

Within 7 years, the continued and dedicated efforts of the team made considerable changes in the platform and successful in bringing more than 210 million BlueStacks users from all over the world.

Minimum System Requirements?

2GB of RAM with 4GB of free hard disk space is fairly enough!

Download BlueStacks App Player


how to install android on pc

Another popular Android emulator with lots of awesome features. Andy promises that the user will surely up to date with the latest Android OS feature upgrades. This emulator can be used in both Windows & Mac operating systems.

The highlighted advantage is that one can use his/her mobile as a remote game controller while playing games on Andy. This ability won’t let you sacrifice multi-touch, motion sensor and gyro features of your device. Also, it is possible to run most of the social networking apps(like WhatsApp) from a desktop. There you won’t get tension because of limited storage on your mobile device.

Minimum System Requirements?

3GB of RAM and up to 20GB free hard disk space is better.

Download Andy


how to install android on pc

Droid4X is based on Android version 4.2.2 which is powered by the virtual box is one of the most widely used Android Emulator. It is simple to use with fast interphase. You will get a better experience because this is powered by virtual box.

Minimum System Requirements?

1GB of RAM with 2GB of free Hard disk space is fairly good.

Download Droid4X


How to install android on PC

AMIDuOS, an emulator by American Megatrends, which is very useful for anything that we do with our Android mini devices. If you install this Android emulator on your computer then you will definitely enjoy the power of the real android emulator. American Megatrends has proven their excellent skills in manufacturing Motherboards.

Their attempts will always be perfect with a fine touch. Here also American Megatrends succeeded in making perfect Android Emulator called AMIDuOS.

Minimum System Requirements?

2GB of RAM with 2GB hard disk space.

Download AMIDuOS


how to install android on pc

Another emulator which help users to use Android Os on PC. Simple interphase made it better. It is possible to do multitasking(working on more than one app simultaneously). Memu will support most of the Apps & Games. The performance will ultimately depend upon your system specs. It is free to download.

Download MEMU


We have seen How to install android on PC using different emulators. As of my view Installing android by Emulators instead of Dual boot method(OS directly) is always better and safe. It reduces complexities and risks. Boot menu always generates fear among common people those who are with less technical knowledge. If you like to take risks, well it is good deal go for this “How to Install Android OS on your PC Without Emulators [DIY Guide]”


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