How To Increase The Time Spent On Your Business Website


There are many reasons why you might be looking to increase the time that is spent on your business website. Increasing your time on-site metrics can help you to improve your search engine ranking potential, your conversions, and bounce rates. No matter how successful your business website might be, learning how to increase the amount of time that is spent on site will offer a range of benefits.

1. Boost Website Loading Speed 

Studies have found that over 50% of internet users will leave a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Improving the loading speed of your website, especially on important pages like your home page, should be essential when it comes to increasing the average time that is spent on your business website.

2. Improve Site Readability 

The readability of your site can have a big impact on the user experience. When you are looking to improve the readability of your business website, you should take some time to test out your site on a range of different devices and screen sizes. If you find you need to improve the readability of your site, you should pay attention to font choice and size. You should also look to break up large bodies of text and add in more images to improve the reading experience.

3. Improve Navigability 

When your site is too difficult to navigate, this will likely have a very big impact on your time on site metrics. Using intuitive website design will help you improve your website’s navigability as it utilizes the instinctive way that users interact with websites. When you are looking to improve the navigability of your business website, it is important that you consult an expert web design company to ensure you are able to offer the best experience possible.

4. Improve The Look Of Your Site 

Studies have found that it takes the average internet user less than one second to make a first impression of a website. Taking some time to tidy up your website design and improve the overall look of your site can help you to make the right first impression. Improving your website design will also help you to build more meaningful connections between your brand and the user as they move through your site.

5. Use High-Quality Images 

Images are the most engaging form of content that you can use, as the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. Not only does the human brain process images faster than text, but 80% of people are also more likely to remember what they see, compared to 20% of what they read. Using a range of high-quality images throughout your site is a fast and effective way of engaging with users on your website. In addition to adding high-quality images, you could also look to add videos and infographics too. When you are adding in high-quality images it is important that you consider loading speeds to ensure there are no detrimental impacts elsewhere.

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