How to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone Camera Remotely


hack cellphone remotely

People do feel it is an invasion against their privacy, even if you attempt to see whom they are speaking with on their Mobile phone. This is the same yardstick applied by a child to that of the parent or to a classmate in high school.

The mobile phone has become a secret identity of the person who owns it, and any attempt to know the contents of it would lead only to chaos. But there are exceptional circumstances under which these rules have to be mocked with, and it is quite necessary too.

Your child is the most important to you, and as a parent, you need to guard him against all the evils of this society. It does not stop here, because you might be a businessman, who has invested much, and one of your employees is leaking out your trade secrets over the phone by capturing images.

This is where the TTSPY app for android and iPhone comes in handy. It provides real-time monitoring functions such as monitoring the person through the use of their front and rear camera. The app has the feature to access anyone’s front or rear camera.

This kind of spying is most necessary sometimes, to protect your interests or family. And the very fact that an app like TTSPY has been discovered to suit this requirement. These are suitable for iPhones and other Android phones. Moreover, this app provides us real-time action by utilizing the other person’s front and rear camera.

Now, let us dwell on this subject a bit more deeply by answering these questions.

How do we use this application?

  • Download the TTSPY through an app or play store. This does not, however, require rooting or jailbreak.
  • Install and start using the app immediately by registering the number you are about to track.
  • Now, all you have to do is enter in with your account information, and with that, you can access the other person’s phone camera from a remote area.

Advantages of using the camera feature:

  • The phone camera function provided real-time monitoring function, which translates into ‘real-time” as if you were on that spot where the person with the phone is.
  • You can take a screenshot from wherever you are as proof of what is happening there on the spot.
  • You can also monitor all the calls, your child is making, and if it is that to a wrong person, you can intervene and cut off that contact later.
  • If the employee whom you suspect is in touch with your competitors, you can monitor from your phone and take screenshots to prove the guilt of that party later.
  • The app is simple to use, even if we are not tech-savvy as our children. But the monitoring app is simple to use.


In this World, which is progressing so rapidly with technology growing every day, surveillance on a few people is essential for our survival and to keep the family-integrated through a user-friendly app called TTSPY.

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