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Last updated on September 6th, 2021 at 09:43 pm

As aspiring bloggers, we always get caught up in trying to create content that the audience will like. We increase or decrease the word count with prescribed optimal length using a word count tool. We proofread our work sentence by sentence.

After we hit publish, we can’t wait for people to read it. But a few days or even weeks passed, we realize no one is reading the blog we worked hard writing.

Like any business, we need to focus our efforts on marketing. In blogging, we’re not selling any product or service. Rather, we sell an idea or an opinion. Another way to look at it is that we market ourselves as a brand.

Social media is one of the best crowds to find an audience. It is where you can spread the word about a blog you have published. Here we can find high-quality traffic to our site.

Here are 5 not so common ways to drive traffic to your site through social media.


A lot of bloggers find that forum marketing is an effective marketing strategy. One of the best ways to promote your site is by taking part in community conversations.

Forum sites like Reddit and Quora can generate quality traffic. These sites have focused groups that follow a particular topic.

Audiences in these forums know of marketing tactics so make sure not to take part in conversations for the sake of marketing.

If you want to engage in conversations to drive traffic to your site, make sure you are contributing valuable information to its readers.

However, smm panel is such a huge place to find your audience. You need to be in the right place and at the right time.


When you look into any Facebook groups, you will see that they almost always are groups that are interested in one same thing.

Shoe enthusiasts create groups to discuss topics about shoes, such as quality shoe brands, shoe stores, how to clean shoes, etc.

Another example is fitness groups. You will see that thousands of people participate in these groups to share their progress, diet tips, and many other topics that relate to weight loss, fasting, dieting, etc.

Creating a Facebook group not only gets you free traffic to your site when you post in the group but also can get ideas on your next content.


Hashtags are not only useful for categorizing the content. From a user perspective, hashtags are an easier way to find content to consume.

But from a blogger perspective, hashtags are one of the surefire ways to reach the right audience whether that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Through hashtags, it gives you a chance for an audience to recognize you as a brand with an authority on the subject.


Social media contests are fun. The well-thought-out contest should be able to boost traffic to your site increasing your visibility, engagement, and followers.

Create contests irresistible to your audience like a giveaway that they can win when they like and share your page for example. When you run a contest, you must identify your goals and provide a clear call-to-actions.


Like Facebook groups, Pinterest boards gather people who like the same thing. When you ask board contributors to let you join on boards with a large audience, it automatically gives you access and free traffic on your site. Make sure you are creating “pinnable” content.

When you’re starting to blog, you might not have a good number of subscribers in your email list. And so, email marketing is not yet your option.

It also takes some time before you can enjoy the fruits of your SEO labor.

Social media is a good way to start. However, social media is such a huge place to find your audience. You need to be in the right place and at the right time.

You also need to be smart about where you publish.

These strategies are not so common types but are effective ways to drive traffic to your site. But the commonality in these strategies is that you market in a focused group.

You’re not just marketing to a huge crowd and hoping that one or two will click on the pin that links to your blog. From the start, you already know that they are interested, and it only takes good content to make them trust you as a brand.

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