How to Download Apps Without Credit Card Information?


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Technology has covered a long way to make human life more comfortable. Constantly evolving technology has now become an integral part of everyone’s life. In today’s tech-savvy world, there are numerous mobile applications, both on android and iOS. A considerable number of applications get downloaded each day. From games to studies to fun, there are applications for each and everything.

There might be several reasons for downloading an application. One might download mobile apps to remove boredom, to study, to conduct meetings, to create designs, to publish artwork, to rejuvenate, expand their business, or rebuild it when affected by the pandemic, well, this article can show you ways how to download apps without credit card details. There are so many reasons that can not be counted.

But Nowadays, the Apple store and Google Play Store have started asking for your credit card details for creating an account. Before you download applications, you need to create an account. And to create an account, you need to provide your credit card information.

Even if you are not downloading any free application, you need to provide your card details. And, there are cases when you do not want to share your card details or do not have a credit card. In cases like that, you can opt for ( that will save you from this trouble.

But sometimes people feel that it might be too risky to lend credit card information to someone else, for no reason, which is true. Providing this kind of data to anyone might result in extremely negative results. Therefore, we are here with an alternative to download applications. Go through this write-up to know about the process of downloading apps without providing credit card details. Moreover, if you want to get free app purchases in android games, then you can download most mods at APK Names.

How to Download Apps on iPhone Without Credit Card

If you are using an Apple iPhone, then it is straightforward to prevent the credit card details option while downloading an application.

In iOS, if you create an Apple ID before buying or downloading any application, it will surely ask you for your credit card information. To skip this, you can directly get to the app store and select a free application to download before creating an account.

On downloading a free application, a box will prompt up on your screen. It will ask you to sign in to your apple account. But since you do not have an account, you can click on the create account option. After this, you’ll have to go through the setup process and the terms & conditions of setting up an Apple ID.

Once you complete this, Apple will verify your details. After that, you will be prompted to a different screen. That screen will ask you for your payment details. But along with all the payment options, you will find a ‘none’ option at the end. Click on that option and choose to continue. After this, you will receive an email from Apple through which you can easily activate your account. This helps you in skipping the payment details option.

Also, in case you wish to buy paid applications, then you can choose various other payment methods like internet banking and mobile banking.

How to Download Apps on Android Without Credit Card

In Android mobile sets, credit card information is again an issue that arises when you download applications. To skip this step of providing credit card details, you need to open the three lines menu button at the top right corner of the play store. In this menu, you will find an account option. Click on that account button and tap on the Payment methods option.

Numerous methods are available in the google play store, can choose from. Google Play Balance, PayPal, Direct Carrier Billing, Google Pay, and Google Play gift cards are some of the alternatives available to credit & debit cards. You can choose from any of these payment methods.

After that, you need to follow all the on-screen instructions and add the alternative payment method to your google play account. Now you can visit the application that you wish to buy. On clicking the download option, a pop-up window will appear wherein you need to choose the payment mode. There, you can select various alternatives to credit cards.

Also, if you are using other play stores like Amazon app store, APK Mirror, Aptoide, F- Droid, or GetJar, you can follow the same instructions to set up a credit card alternative payment method.

These alternative payment methods can save you from sharing your credit card and debit card details. You can easily use these steps to set up alternative payment methods and keep your credit card information safe.

How to Download Apps Without a Credit Card

While technology is on the rise, several security issues are rising these days. While downloading applications, the application stores have started asking for credit card information for payment while downloading apps. Whereas, there are numerous alternative payment methods, both in the iOS and Google Play Store, which you can choose to avoid providing your credit card details. Some of the main alternatives include mobile banking, internet banking, and gift cards. You can use them to keep your details safe and secure.

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