How to Cast Your Android Screen to Windows PC [With & Without 3rd Party Apps]



Look, It will be always fantastic if you can cast your smaller screen to a larger one. If you have to share something with a group of people, (consider while conducting classes or any other discussions with a comparatively higher number of people, so that we can easily share ideas related with the topic to bigger screens from our small devices), this feature will be a life saviour.

If you know how to cast Android screen to PC, the scope is not only limited to a 15-inch display but by indirect means, it can do a lot more. That’s why the topic how to cast android screen to pc got more value.

How to Cast Android Screen to PC

There are many free/paid third-party casting apps available on the internet, one can just download and use with more features. Or you can use trusted Microsoft Store App called “CONNECT” (But limited Windows 10) with limited features instead of third-party apps. We will discuss 5 methods to mirror your screen. Select the best that you feel better, it’s entirely up to you.

let’s begin!

How to Cast Android Screen to PC Using Connect [Only Possible On Windows 10]

As we discussed earlier In order to cast your screen by this method, you don’t have to use any third party applications. CONNECT is totally free, But the main disadvantage is, it is not capable of controlling, will just serve as a mirror. Because of full-screen support, it is awesome for watching movies! let’s follow the steps It is as simple as picking a flower from a garden.

Step -1

Search to find Connect App on your pc. If you don’t have it, then as usual go to Microsoft store and download it.

How to Cast Android Screen to PC

Step -2

Open the App then you will get a message “YourPC_Name is ready for you to connect wirelessly” like shown below.


So now PC is ready, Let’s take your phone and find cast screen/smart view option according to your manufacturer. Usually, it can be accessed from notification bar itself. In case you don’t find it, then Goto settings > Display settings > Cast screen. Then enable wireless display. Your phone will now search for nearby devices. When your PC found, then simply click on it. All done!

How to Cast Android Screen to PC

 How to Cast Android Screen to PC Using Vysor [Method-2]

Vysor, a better app for both screencasting and controlling. It is free to download, but you have to pay to enable full features. In the free version, you will get only the ability to cast and control. In order to avail other features like High-quality mirroring, Full-screen support, Wireless connectivity, Vysor share, Drag and drop files and access to all future features you have to go pro which costs $2.50/m, $10/yr, $40/for lifelong. This can be used by downloading vysor chrome App on pc and vysor App on your android. Okay, Let’s understand step by step.


Goto Vysor official website and download Vysor chrome App/ Windows App. Download from official website  Then follow the instructions and install it on your PC.


Take your Android device and install the Vyasor App from Google play store


All necessary things are done! Now take a USB cable and connect your phone to computer by opening Vysor App on of your devices. If you are a pro user then simply connect it wirelessly. Start enjoying Vysor wisely with wider features & support no matter if you are a pro user or a free user.

How to Cast Android Screen to PC Using Mobizen [Method-3]

Probably the next preference will be Mobizen. The name is so much popular for screen recording. Most likely it is famous for screencasting too. It can be connected by different methods such as over a WiFi network, Via USB cable and even through mobile data (So that we can even control a device from each and every corner of the world by using another device). Following are the steps to use Mobizen.


First Just visit Mobizen Official Website and create an account. Now you will be asked to enter 6 digits OTP. Don’t worry! We do have steps right? 😉 let’s move to the second step.


Access Google Play Store from your phone, Install It!


There you have to enter the credentials and sign in to your account. There you will see 6 digits OTP. Type it correctly on PC. That’s it… Over!

Even in the free version you can drag and drop files(used to transfer files b/w PC and Mobile) and also you don’t have to install any software on your PC, thus saves your system space.

How to Cast Android Screen to PC Using TeamViewer [Method-4]

Another way that let you mirror your android screen to PC. I found it is one of the easy methods among different methods. This method is similar to the Mobizen method. First, you have to create an account then sign in using both of your devices same time. Absolutely free of cost. Let’s see step by step procedure to use the same.


Download TeamViewer Host on your mini device from Google Play Store sign up by giving required information about you, like exactly what we did on Mobizen!


Then come back to your computer, and go to their official site Sign in TeamViewer Management Console


At the website, you can see a connect option and your device, Just click on connect! This will launch an app… Everything is done wisely. Enjoy!

Cast Your Android Screen Using Apowermirror [Method-5]

A cool method that will let you cast your screen and control your android device from PC. This method requires a suite application on the computer. Apowermirror is free to download but to enable more features users must pay. By using free version one will get the following features: one can control android by using mouse and keyboard, can be used to take screenshots, supports screen record, users can able to sync app data, It support not only Android but iOS too and also can be installed in both Windows and Mac. If a user opts commercial version then he will get two more features: Removes watermarks and one can use the application for commercial purpose. Okay, let’s see…


Install Apowermirror – Mirror & Control App from Play Store on your phone.


Download and install Apowermirror PC Suit on your computer from the official website.


After downloading apps, connect your phone to your PC  by a USB cable and follow the on-screen instructions one by one. Don’t forget to enable USB Debugging from developer option. If you are unable to see developer option, then you have to follow these steps: Goto Settings> About Phone> Build number / Settings> About Phone> System Information> Build number (for Samsung) Now you have to tap seven times on that build number fastly. If you did correctly then you will get a message like “You Are Now A Developer” and the developer option will appear in settings.

Done! start using Apowermirror!


In this article, we have discussed top 5 methods on how to cast Android screen to PC that I found more useful. You can choose and use any of the methods according to your taste. I will recommend, CONNECT (Trusted App) if you are using Windows 10 and you don’t want to control your phone from PC, It 100% perfect and works according to the real meaning screencasting/mirroring. If you want to both casting & controlling, then I recommend Mobizen or Apowermirror more.

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