How Remote Work Software Allows Easy Micro-management of Tasks


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A lot of things are possible today because of technology. Hence, when COVID created an uncomfortable situation for businesses to operate from their premises, Remote Work Software came in handy. As a result, work from home software programs have become a key factor for many industries even today.

Remote working tools offer several benefits to employers and employees. Employees can work according to their convenience and save on commuting time. Due to more productivity and lesser office expenses, many institutions are opting for the hybrid system to resource workers worldwide while increasing profit margins.

Managing many workers has become more accessible due to work from home software. Remote working systems helps employers and managers to keep a tab on staff activity and remove hurdles. This article highlights how remote work software allows easy micro-management of tasks while working remotely.

What are the reasons for remote work?

Today’s evolved work culture has made everyone realize the brighter side of remote and hybrid work models. Let’s have a quick look at some of the top reasons.

  • Balance personal and professional life: Remote tools offer more time to staff members to utilize in maintaining a healthy personal life.
  • No stressful daily commute: Tools for working remotely allow staff members to be virtually present at various locations to get the work done without commuting, and without compromising the quality.
  • Higher savings ratio: Work from home software provides reduced office travel, fixed work hours, multiple offers, cultivating office environment, limitless opportunities. As a result, remote work improves monetary status.
  • Space to learn or do something new: Tools for remote working are blessings in disguise for employees hungry to learn something new. Remote tools save time and energy for employees, which they use to sharpen their skills at their convenience.
  • Multiple lucrative projects: With the help of remote working software, employees can engage themselves in numerous projects and add value to their knowledge and experience.
  • Enhanced productivity: Remote monitoring and management software tracks employees’ workflow and helps them put the best effort in the right direction at the right time.
  • Flexible work hours: Remote working software’s best feature is that it doesn’t limit staff by time. Remote working software programs are active so that workers can work at their choice of time.
  • Professional independence: Remote tools produce innumerable opportunities for people who want to work from anywhere. Thus, they gain freedom of choice among various work projects.
  • Opportunity to work globally: Tools for remote working help produce a work platform for various industries that workers worldwide can use. Remote tools maintain real-time updates and workflow. Tools for working remotely are creating spaces where people from different locations and time zones can work coordinately.
  • Opportunity to collaborate and work in real-time: joining forces in work from home software can hugely impact businesses. Firms and employees can make the most of the given circumstances and create a great buzz.

What is micro-management of tasks?

A management style wherein managers stay involved with employees under their authority to collaborate and design the workflow constantly. With offices enabling remote working, several managers face issues in micro-managing the tasks with their team members.

How do remote tools help to resolve micro-management challenges created by WFH culture?

The best part of remote working tools is that it can integrate easily with other existing systems. For example, the tool can integrate with employee attendance tracking system, payroll system, project management system, document management system, collaborating tools, CRM, and much more. Let us see some of the benefits with such integrations.

  • Easy approvals to a massive number of tasks: Work from home software is a great tool when there are umpteen tasks given to the team members. It helps managers record each employee’s role, responsibilities, task-list, and finished tasks-lists. These details in remote working tools help to allot work according to employees’ potential—moreover, such remote working software helps to keep a record of every task status.
  • Continuous leadership: The primary reason for micro-management is clear and direct guidance. Multi-millionaire businessmen, such as Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, are passion-driven micro-managers. The results are exceptional when such experts provide on and off guidance through remote working tools. It is a remarkable experience to closely work and observe knowledgeable people with work from home software.
  • Constant update of workflow status: Remote monitoring & management software keeps a continual update about employees’ work. Consequently, remote working software makes it easier for PMs to hand over subsequent work, push them to accomplish targets, and motivate them to perform better.
  • Cross Checking tasks: Remote working software offers a platform for leaders to guide team members and lead them in the right direction in real-time. This way, managers can tame projects and tasks according to the expected result before anything becomes out of control. Hence, cross-checking is a primary level of quality assurance.
  • Fixed time-bound workspace: Managers can set a timer in tools for remote working for any given task to encourage employees to come out of their comfort zone and for better outputs. Time-bound micro-managing remote employees can encourage staff to work efficiently and harder.
  • Regular communication: Remote working tools assist managers to always be in touch with the team and keep informed of their various activities. It helps in understanding employee productivity, engagement, and other minor data.
  • Evaluation of outcome: Usually, work from home software holds records of a company like any standard software. Hence, micro-managing remote tools generates a space to understand the mistake and rectify it. These particular remote work tools help compare results logistically.

Summing up with

Tools for working remotely are quickly increasing because of the remote and hybrid workforce. Developers can equip remote tools with the right functionalities to help a business grow along with its employees. Micro-management of tasks becomes much easier with the right remote working tool.

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