How Often Should You Check Your Online Profile?


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Your online profile is a valuable tool in maintaining an excellent online reputation. Your online profile gives a clear view of the person you are. Some online sites tend to link us to our potential employers, company investors, or customers. Sites like Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn provides an avenue for people to get more information about you or your company. With the dynamics experienced in different industries every time, it is essential to check your online profile and adjust where necessary.

When Should I Check my Online Profile?

If you are rebranding, you may need to check whether your current profile matches your new schedule. Social branding is vital when it comes to online profiles. However, sometimes we shift our interests and may need rebranding.

Employers will look at your online profile to determine things that are positively different about you. You may want to change your profile to add more information that inspires trust and confidence. When looking for a job, you should brand yourself in a way that inspires an employer to hire you. Check your profile to ensure that you do not have provocative pictures, which can be a turn-off for potential employers. If the employer screened your online and found the information they didn’t like, the chances of not hiring you could be high. However, it is also essential to understand that giving accurate information on your profile is necessary for your online reputation management. Check your profile to ensure that you are comfortable with the information you put on the internet.

Significant Elements of OnlineProfile you should Check Often.

1. Name

Your display name is significant in all your online sites. In your professional profile, make sure you use your real name. On other accounts like Twitter and Facebook, you can use a pseudonym. Ensure that your name matches the type of marketing you are doing. Avoid provocative or vulgar names that could drive away your customers or potential investors.

In many social networks, your user name is incorporated in the URL, and it is different from the name displayed on the site. It is not possible to change your user name so make sure you use the best name. If it’s a personal account, make sure you use your real name.

2. Check your profile pic.

Times change, and so do intentions. If your account purpose changes, make sure your account matches what you are currently doing. If you are running a company, use your company logo and always ensure it remains there. If, however, you are running a small brand, you can go for a headshot. Make sure you give your company the best appeal.

3. Your bio

Your bio is another online aspect you should check often. As time goes by, you may need to adjust your online bio to suit your current situation. For instance, if you have gone for further studies, you would like to leave out of your profile. Similarly, if you’ve introduced a new product in your company you should also involve it in your description.



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