How much does home solar panel installation cost in Bakersfield CA? Is it reliable?


With the increase in population, the world is facing serious energy and pollution crises. There is a need to shift your focus to other sources to produce energy for increasing needs. These sources must have positive effects on the environment. The idea of turning your rooftop to trap solar energy is a great investment and contribution to a clean environment. Solar energy panels are an effective and cost-saving alternative to electricity. Solar energy is a renewable source, you don’t need to worry about it ending up with time.

The striking energy of the sun is 10000 times more than the world’s total need. The energy is almost 173000 terawatts. We can utilize it to minimize our dependency on fossil fuels and non-renewable sources.

There is also a need to understand how a solar panel works and which components are needed to install a solar setup. The Sun is the burning star and millions of nuclear reactions take place in it every single second. As a result of these reactions, lots of energy is produced in the form of photons. These photos are taken by the solar plates installed on your rooftop. These plates turn the energy of photons through the electric circuit to produce electricity. That’s how it works and generates electric power to run your households.

Before having solar installation, you should be considerate about your climate and the benefits you will get after having these panels on your building’s roof. For example, Bakersfield CA has a hot desert-like atmosphere. This area has less rainfall. Their winter temperature reaches 20 degrees Celsius and in summer it is quite high at 40s degrees Celsius. It has a hot sunny summer that is the most suitable for residential solar panel installation.

The following points will elaborate, why you should go for solar installation? Is it reliable?

Green solution

Going for solar panels is a very eco-friendly solution for having your electricity flow to the house. In traditional ways of producing electricity, we use fossil fuels that emit hydrocarbon gases that are causing adverse effects on the ozone layer. These gases are also contributing to global warming. Solar panels don’t emit such gases in the environment. We don’t have to use fossil fuels to run the turbines. If your area’s climate is lucky enough like Bakersfield, you should go for solar panel installation.

Free energy

Sun is a great blessing that nature offers us free of cost. This idea is exciting enough that you are going to have electricity for your residual and commercial needs from a free source. You don’t need to pay extra charges as royalty or bills.


Solar energy is the most reliable source. Sun energy is available everywhere you can trap this energy in your solar panels easily. Even you can add solar battery backups to your system to ensure the uninterrupted supply and restoration of electric energy

Easy to install

The solar panel system is easy to install. If you have a certain area of almost 200 square feet rooftop, that is enough for residential solar panel installation. Because a house doesn’t need a large amount of energy. But if you are planning for commercial solar panel installation, you must have an area of rooftop more than 1000 square feet.


Solar panel installation is a one-time investment. You need not pay every month or per year to any company for their services. You are independent in your energy needs. No political reforms and economic policies can affect your budget. The solar energy plan is usually for 25 years so it can reduce the huge amount of your cost over years. Commercial customers can get more benefit over a residual customer because their need is greater and the expenses on it as well.

The most frequently popping question in our mind while we are taking Bakersfield as a reference area is, how much does a home solar panel installation cost?

Solar panel installation cost is less than it was 10 years ago. In the USA the cost of solar batteries is somewhere between 15-20,000$. After tax deductions, it will cost almost 2.60$-3.35$.  Solar installation is cheap but still, it is an investment for 25 years. One should go for quality options. Price is just a small factor. You should consider the other things like equipment and installation cost.

If some company is offering cheap prices, it is a clear indication that they are compromising on the quality of equipment. Or they have been in poor practices. Always consider more than 1 factor to decide on the installation cost.

Many companies offer a bid on customer requirements of panel installation. They are also available on the internet; one can generate queries by putting information in a given form. Cost also depends on the following factors;

Solar system size

The greater the size, the greater will be the cost.  For example, 11 solar plates will cost about 9620$ and 43 solar plates will cost 28860$. Cost also depends on the need for your kilowatt-hour.

Your location

If your area is less sunny you would need more solar panels to trap the energy. That will affect the cost directly. Federal taxes are also depending on your location. It varies with state and area. Along with these factors we have competition level, the trend for solar installation, labor rate, quality of service also affects the cost according to areas.

Equipment type and manufacturer

Brands dictate the cost of equipment. Sometimes price doesn’t promise the quality but you have to check the quality and manufacturing practices of a company. The type of solar inverter and solar batteries also affect cost. If you are living in an area where you have to face a heavy flow of snow then you need a good racking system. So don’t compromise quality over little price.

These are all factors that affect solar installation costs. You should consider all price tags in comparison to quality to make the right decision.

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