Tor is a browsing tool which is used to surf the web anonymously and enables users to stay anonymous on the internet. This name is derived originally from the original project “The Onion Router” which protects the user from network spying and traffic analysis. Using Tor’s software makes it difficult for anyone to sneak into your webmail, social media posts, search history or any other online activities. To understand how does Tor work? You will first have to know several other features of Tor:

All you Need to Know about Deep Web Browsing

It is surprising to know that the internet which we can access is just 5% of the total internet while the remaining 95% is what we call as the deep web. The deep web is that part of the web which remains hidden from all the search engines. The deep web consists large information such as academic information, legal documents, medical records, government resources, competitor websites, multilingual databases, scientific reports, subscription information, conference proceedings and organization-specific repositories. To maintain the safety of the deep web browsing, you will have to first download the Tor deep web browser which helps to protect your identity.

To know how does Tor browser work, you will also have to setup additional levels of security to your deep web browsing such as tools like the virtual private network (VPN) to mask your IP address, tails which protects the user’s privacy as well as anonymity and pretty good privacy (PGP) which is an encryption used for online communication.

To access the deep web, you need to have the Tor deep web browser installed on your system. Once you download Tor, you will also need to install the Tor bundle on your system. Follow the installation guide to complete the process and then open the bundle. This enables you to securely access the deep web using the Tor browser. This answers the most common question- how does Tor work?

Dark Web Browsing

Dark web browsing is another subset of the deep web browsing which includes Tor- encrypted site, illegal information, private communications and drug trafficking sites. Dark web is basically the darker section of the deep web which contains illegal goods and services of all kinds. It is very important to take necessary security measures while accessing the dark web links.

To maintain anonymity, using Tor is must as it protects you against most of the threats. You can also connect with your VPN to safeguard your interest completely. This solves the most frequently asked question- how does Tor work to have your searches safe and secure. In case of any transactions, always use a site that has a good reputation. Almost all the sites on dark web hide their identity using the Tor encryption tool and spoof your location so it will appear that you are in a different country to where you really are located.

How does Tor Work?

Tor network runs through computer servers of thousands of volunteers who are spread across the world. This data is bundled into an encrypted packet as soon as it enters the Tor network. After this, Tor strips away a part of the packet’s header. This is a part of the addressing information which could be used to learn things about the sender such as the OS- operating system from which the message was sent. Tor then encrypts the remaining addressing information which is called the packet wrapper. This encrypted and modified data packet is routed through many of these servers which are also called relays, on the way to its final destination.

Each of these relays decrypts enough of the packet data wrapper to understand and know which relay the data came from and to which relay it should next send it to. The relay will then rewrap the package in a new wrapper and send it on. This way, a data packet’s path through Tor network cannot be traced fully. This clears many confusions of how does Tor work.

How to use the Tor Browser?

How does Tor browser work? Once the browser gets installed, you can find a plain old folder called the Tor browser.

  • Upon opening it, you will see “Start Tor Browser.exe”.
  • Clicking on it opens a new window asking if you would like to connect directly to the Tor network or if you have to configure the proxy settings first.
  • It is advisable to choose the direct option, hence go for “Connect”.
  • A version of Firefox will launch and you will be connected to the Tor network. You can now browse in relative anonymity.
The Bottom Line

All these answers the most frequently asked question- how does Tor work! Tor has proved to be an excellent medium for secure, safe and anonymous web presence available to all users at no cost. This Tor project has led to an optimistic approach towards the censorship as well as surveillance-free internet.


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