How does paraphrasing assist in SEO-friendly content?


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In digital marketing, a very frequently used word is “Paraphrasing”. It is also referred to as article rewriting.

Paraphrasing tools are the tools that are used to paraphrase the content. These are based on AI technology and they spin the content to rewrite it in new words.

It modifies all sorts of things like words, phrases, and sentences.

As every paraphrasing tool differs in features and pricing plans, they are all designed to help you become a good writer.

What has all this to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

You see, SEO is a dark art. It is a great challenge to rank your website higher as you have to pass through a lot of ranking factors along with the changing algorithms of Google.

This can be a hard time for people like us who are not SEO experts. We normally don’t have the means to hire one.

There are a lot of tools that can help you search for keywords and the technical side of things. But when it comes to creating engaging and eye-catching content for your SEO, a paraphraser tool is here to save your day.

How to paraphrase?

Paraphrasing can be a tricky task for writers. If you want to do it by hand, it may be difficult and time-consuming for you. But there are a lot of paraphrasers present online and free to use.

Anyone can use these tools at any time. You just have to pick a good one, a lower-ranked tool may destroy both your content and efforts.

Choosing the right tool will be beneficial for your content. You can paraphrase online by using this tool.

They are much easier to operate. You can use them easily with just one click. You can use them as follows:

There are a lot of options present there. You can paraphrase in languages other than English also. It also provides you real-time word count which allows you to know how many words you are paraphrasing at that time.

You can paste the text in the box or upload the file directly from the storage. Click the button “Paraphrase Now” and boom! Your content is paraphrased completely.

The paraphrased text is now rich in quality and précised than the original one.

Paraphrasing helps you remove plagiarism from your content. Plagiarism can also cause a problem for you and your SEO.

To verify this, check plagiarism in your content. To do this, use online plagiarism checker tools.

The content is now completely plagiarism-free. You can post it anywhere without any threat of getting caught for plagiarism.

Benefits of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing has a lot of benefits for SEO and it can be good for SEO optimized content. Some main benefits of paraphrasing for a better SEO are provided in the following.

Increased Readability

When we mention readability, it doesn’t mean the font size or spacing.

Readability is all about how easy your text and content are to understand. The audience must get your idea without looking at the words in a dictionary.

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According to Yoast, search engines love readable texts. If your text is easy to read, readers definitely will stay stuck to your website.

Plus, it helps a lot of people all around the world that are navigating through voice searches by mobile phones.

A study by Backlinko gave the results that the average voice search result was 29-words long and written at 9th -grade level. Hence, keep it easy and short for your voice assistants.

If you can’t write simple English, use paraphraser tools to perform this task. It will rewrite your content and spin the words with their best synonyms.

Improved Reader Engagement

Talking about search engine rankings, SEO the most engaging content is necessary.

You may take links from the best websites all around the globe and optimize the load speed of your webpage, readers will only stick to the content.

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The more engaging the content is, the more stick traffic you have. Providing new and unique ideas is up to you. Paraphrasing tools can assist you in communicating to your readers.

Always use active voice sentences in your content. Passive voices are mostly complex and hard to understand. Active voice sentences are more direct and compelling.

Some paraphrasers can change the passive voices into active voice sentences. Use such tools to make your content direct and easy to understand.

If you also have a problem with starting paragraphs the same way, like most writers, a paraphrasing tool can help you modify the style and syntax of your sentences.

Grammar Correction

Besides being engaging, your content must also be grammatical-error-free.

Spelling mistakes and grammar errors make content difficult to read. Plus, the readers start having a bad impression of your website.

Source: books Charming

No one wants to provide their credit card information to a service that doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

The thing is that Google won’t penalize your website for spelling mistakes but it will be a red flag for the users visiting your site.

You must avoid such mistakes. Proofreading can save your content from typos and spelling errors.

Some paraphraser tools also provide the feature of checking spelling and grammar mistakes. These tools are way faster than human proofreaders.


Paraphrasers tools are really helpful for SEO. Their assistance is up to mark. Paraphrasing tools can be the best partner for your content writing and SEO strategies.

Most of them are free of cost and can be found online. Some of them have developed android and IOS applications for mobile use. These android applications are much handy to use.

These tools and apps are both accurate and helpful for writers as well as SEO experts. Use these tools, create unique and better content, and start ranking high in the SERP.

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