How Do Computer Games Impact on Our Kids

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Nowadays, in 2021, almost every single family with a child has a computer (tablet, laptop), and a collection of “games” out there. For many parents, computer games are – “magic wands”: turn it on – and the child sits quietly for hours on them, not bothering, not jumping around the apartment, not lost in the street God knows where. Perfect, right?

Unfortunately, the impact of computer games on children is much stronger and more negative than we may think, and to pay for these hours of silence and parental tranquility have a very high price.

Any benefits from computer or browser games?

Surely you have heard and read that computer games are not very beneficial for children, but since the negative effects are usually delayed in time, many parents reason: “Well, sit for an hour or two in the evening, not a big deal… He likes it! And it’s better to let him be here in front of you than to spend his free time with some unknown person in the yard!

Dear parents, in order to minimize the negative impact of computer “toys” on our children, we must be clear about what “sore spot” they can hit. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. So: the impact of computer games on the children’s HEALTH: Various “shooters”, simulators, story games – a common form of recreation children ages 6 years and older (if parents are regularly engaged in computer games child even younger, all the problems discussed below, are increasing exponentially). Surely, your kid may play Friday Night Funkin or other browser game, which can take just 20-30 minutes or so. FNF Mods or similar stuff is not so harmful because such type of games can’t have the same impact as games, like CS:GO, Dota2 or so, where kids can play all their free time. Watch your child playing on the computer: probably long sitting in the same position, with a twisted back, staring at the screen and not blinking… That’s it!

Health impact

Pediatricians and ophthalmologists state about the devastating effect of computer games on children’s health. Prolonged sitting in the wrong position causes strain on the spine and weak muscle corset, accelerating the development of SCOLIOSIS. Constant use of the mouse may cause numbness and pain in the fingers of the child’s right hand (or left hand if they are left-handed and hold the mouse with their left hand). This is known as tunnel syndrome – repetitive strain on the hand leads to nerve strain. Fingers damaged by the game console joystick This condition is common among fans of games that use a D-pad type controller. Symptoms include loss of sensation, tingling, and large blisters that take weeks to heal.

Nintendonitis and viallitis (tendon inflammation) is used to describe damage to the tendons of the hands and wrists from too many playing sessions. Viatis is a condition associated with the frequent pressing of the Wii game console button, which is chronic fatigue of the shoulder joint and is treated with pain medication and total withdrawal from gaming. Injuries associated with playing in tight spaces also fall into this category.

Migraine. Prolonged play can lead to intense throbbing pain in the head and is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and unusual sensitivity to light or sound. Migraine attacks can last from several hours to several days). Children’s eyes, constantly without blinking, watching what is happening on the screen, get a tremendous load. Think about it – even you have after a day of sitting at the monitor as if poured sand in his eyes. What to say about the child? Eye fatigue, redness, “DRY EYE” – all these signs of computer vision syndrome ophthalmologists observe in many children today. The result – progressive myopia, headaches… causes eye strain, and prolonged computer use can even end in glaucoma, especially among myopic users. This becomes especially dangerous when you stop blinking and the surface of your eye dries out.

After all of that, we can say: take more care of your kids and keep them healthy, even when you think it’s impossible to forbid PC games – just make a wise decision.

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