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It’s hard to believe that at one point in time, the only source of numeric information a business owner needed was a calculator. The information technology industry is currently the fastest-growing field in the world; it is responsible for 27% of the world’s newest companies as of March 2020 according to

With the continual development of information collecting, the traditional business world had to evolve with it. Specifically, digital marketing has created a portal that gives every business owner access to billions of users with the click of a mouse. So how has digital marketing improved business performance? To understand this trend, we will look at several digital marketing tactics.

Search Engine Marketing

Google has made it easy for anyone to find exactly what they are looking for in a matter of seconds. To make sure that their users get the right information that they are searching for, a search engine will send a spider to crawl through your page and index all of your information into its system.

A spider will naturally find your page through backlinks from another page. Those backlinks, along with all of the content on your website, will help give your page a SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) score. This SERP score determines the order that your webpage appears on a specific keyword result.

Google has also made it easy for a business to grow their website traffic by increasing its visibility on a specific SERP term. This process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are two ways you can take advantage of SEO – Organic Growth or Paid Growth.

To Organically Grow your customer base, you need to optimize everything on your website. This includes all of the content your copywriters produce, the age of the content on your page, the typography used to make your website, and the links leading into and away from your page. When a search engine indexes your content, it will take all four of these items into consideration when it is giving a user it’s SERP list.

To Pay for your Growth, your company will pay for a specific SERP term advertisement through a bidding system. The bidding system is working 24 hours a day; giving the highest bidder the right to appear in a SERP’s advertisement spot. While this is a simple definition, Paid Growth is much more complex in how it operates because you can control several aspects of the process as long as your bid is high enough to remain on top.

Social Media Marketing

With close to 50% ( of the world’s population using social media, it is easy to see why a business would want to connect with their audience on this platform.

These platforms want you to advertise on them as well – they have their own source of analytics, they have the ability to make your page an “official” source as long as you are able to prove that you own the business, you can purchase advertising space through a pixel program, and you can build an audience that wants quick access to everything your company has to offer.

This is also the one space where you can let your marketing guard down a bit and interact with people in a conversational tone. People do not enjoy being bombarded with a constant stream of advertisements, so you can bring them in by casually talking about what you have to offer. The more relaxed and interactive you appear, the more likely your viewers are going to remember you when they are looking for that item your business specializes in.

Email Marketing

There are a lot of hurdles that you need to jump through in order to meet your respective privacy law standards, but this form of marketing has the highest Return on Investment (ROI) potential. According to, the median ROI for an email marketing campaign is 122%. Anything that can grant you a potential ROI greater than 100% is well worth the monetary and timely investment you make.

Unlike the other two methods, your potential customer cannot stumble onto your email marketing because someone has to actively sign up to obtain these messages. That means your initial message has worked, and now it’s time to close the deal, and how you close the deal can range in any number of methods. With a program like Mailchimp, everything is automated and trackable – sending messages, deleted old emails, unsubscribes, link clicks. If you can do it, you can see how your audience is reacting to the prompt.

The biggest benefit of digital marketing has given the business world is the ability to track everything that you do. Small interactions like comments are an action point that your business can track and use to promote your product. This formula is constantly improving as the information technology field advances our understanding of what we can do; constantly finding a new top of the line.

Final Thought

When a company succeeds with its online marketing efforts, it will likely have a stable market niche. So instead of paying for billboards, why not work your way to people’s home screens? We at The Marketing Agency help businesses find and convert the right customer for the right price.

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