How Can Digital Sustainability Make Your Venture a Green Brand?


We are living in times that are advancing technologically and when people are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint, environmental friendliness, consumption patterns, etc.

As a result, an era of green tech is here! Yes! This stands true as the human race is neck to neck with innovation and the resultant digital transformation. Unfortunately, the integration of green technology and sustainable digital transformations – though a great option – is hardly being implemented in real life.

But the exciting part is, the ventures that have taken care of using both have transformed for the better. Why? Because of a simple reason – they both are necessary and sufficient for each other. Allow me to explain. Sustainability with regards to digitalization leads to us opting for better, more environmentally friendly methods. All that, in turn, result in contributing to the tech domain in a greener way!

Owing to rapid global warming and awareness about climate in recent times, there has been explosive growth in attempts to combine sustainability and digital technology. Although the tough nut to crack here is to find the balance between the two and keep them in sync too!

So, let us now learn about being environmentally friendly in the digital era we are living in!

What do we mean by Digital Sustainability?

The concept of digital sustainability is about a set of ecologically stable and safe factors that have long-term positive social and ecological impacts. The intent is to make practices environmentally friendly while not disrupting the work one is into.

These initiatives are realized through the implementation of a massive range of digital technologies! Every digitally-inspired business wishes to make a difference and this is one way to do that in a wonderful manner. So, it’s food for thoughts, isn’t it?!

There is a dire need in the present times to think about the future of the planet and humanity too, and the titular sustainable measures aim to take care of precisely that. There are several fundamental challengesthe world is facing, like:

  • water scarcity,
  • excess waste generation

  • plastic pollution,

  • poor air,

  • deteriorating water quality,

  • extreme natural disasters, etc.

Clearly, it is the need of the hour to be vigilant about mother nature and take care of the consumption patterns, carbon emissions and mindless waste generation. So, let us get to know how businesses can benefit and contribute ecologically by being sustainable!

Is it really possible to make your venture GREEN and how?

Thanks to the advent of popular and more advanced techs like IoT, Big Data, AI, ML, RL, RPA, quantum computing, etc., the human race can also find smarter and greener ways to operate that go hand in hand with technological innovations! That is one of the reasons why they also play an essential role in sustainable decision-making. For instance, artificial intelligence is helping in areas such as biodiversity conservation, climate change, analyzing and improving air, water, quality, building disaster resilience – to name a few!

So, it is possible to opt for better ways and eventually make any venture greener. Let us now know how we can achieve that:

  • Make sure you adopt a green software approach – what does that mean? Pondering on the following question can help you answer – how many third-party and in-house apps in your company are green?The formerly mentioned approach intends to create a freely accessible ecosystem of standard tools, practices, and professionals to measure construction and emissions of greener software accurately.
  • As a brilliant business mind, ensure that becoming sustainable doesn’t hinder your entrepreneurial aspirations and operations. Meaning thereby, building a green brand MUST stand shoulder to shoulder with other important business aspects like reducing costs, ensuring positive customer experience, increasing revenues and ROI, etc.
  • Consider a shift from the conventional energy sources – you can opt for solar panels to power your organization. It might sound expensive, but it is a meager investment that will be highly useful, cost and energy-efficient once the installationis done!
  • Take inspiration from big companies and use them as case studies to tweak your ways. For example, Goldman Sachs recently became a part of the Green Software Foundation; Banca Mediolanum launched Flowe to help people make eco-friendly choices through their finances and purchases; Bank of Iceland’s own app helps them track their carbon footprint.
    These are, of course, a handful of initiatives taken by the biggest of ventures in the world.
  • Get your developers, designers, other professionals trained. Since the new designing principles include sustainable options for doing all kinds of businesses, from manufacturing cars to app development, ensure that your team is in sync with the improved operating methods!Be it apps or websites, it is critical to educate all the stakeholders involved on the importance of sustainable digital solutions. Like, using smaller images, switching to darker mode to reduce page weight, data transfer, etc., are a few of such ways. They not only educate professionals but also help them spread the word, implement them on a routine basis and it’s enough to keep the “sustainable manners” in motion!

To wrap things up for the readers

There is hardly anything that tech cannot achieve or do. Similarly, there should be nothing that an organization shouldn’t pay heed to – more ingenious ways to work and manage business operations!

Usually, what happens while being a part of the business domain is that people end up not realizing the importance of a sustainable approach.

Big organizations like WHO, UN, etc. and the entire world in general, are deeply concerned about social, ecological inequalities and problems.

Therefore, immediate measures have to be taken on an individual, organizational and global level. Tech solutions and applications are helping professionals be financially and ecologically inclusive too!

Since tech innovations can bring in business profits in a sustainable manner and consequently lead to significant social impact, they should be utilized in the best way possible!

So, what are you waiting for? Choose top app development companies and get fantastic solutions built!

Do it now – get going already!!

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