How Android Users Can Use an iTunes Gift Card

Last Updated on April 20, 2019

A gift can be anything. However, there are circumstances cash would be more helpful than getting a particular gift. One such circumstance is receiving an iTunes gift card when you use Android. Well, you can’t refuse a gift anyway. The next thing to do is to find a way to use this card without having the one who gave it to you realize that you didn’t like it. After thanking the person who gave you the gift, below is how Android users can use an iTunes gift card.

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The catch

An iTunes gift card is a signature feature from Apple for users to enjoy their products better. This card is used to buy things from the Apple Store. For music lovers, you can use the iTunes gift card to buy songs, playlists, and entire albums. Alternatively, this card supports purchasing apps and software from the iTunes webpage. To people without iMacs, iPhones, and iPads, making use of a received iTunes gift card can be a nightmare. This article has some ideas below.

Before using the card

The iTunes gift cards are themed according to occasions, holidays, and basic labeled ones. A cheaper card can go for about $15 while it can go to about $500. This card is duly packaged and shipped to your location within 24 hours. There’s no need to panic just because the smart gadget you have uses the Android operating system doesn’t support the latest version of iTunes. The catch would be on to redeem the credit on the card to know its worth before using it.

What to do with your card

  • Trade your gift card

The first option is to exchange your card for cash or BTC. There’re various online stores where you can trade off your iTunes gift card. Using the site is so easy and convenient with a chance to get good value from your card. This site offers incredible rates with an option to trade on the website or through WhatsApp. Luckily, there’s enough information on how to redeem iTunes gift card to make the process easier even for a first time user.

  • Swap it

Do you know a friend who uses Apple products? That one will definitely appreciate using the iTunes gift card. Ask them to buy your gift cards. Perhaps they would like to reload their kiddos’ account instead of just keeping the card on file. This card will come in handy for any Apple user to carry out various transactions that enhance their user experience of Apple products. It’s the easiest way to make use of your gift card.

  • Re-gift the card

If you didn’t write your name on the card, keep it and present it to another person who can use it. Luckily, you can just remove the card from the wrapping material with your name on. Using a gift card case or a nicely decorated tin, re-gifting your iTunes gift card is very easy. Alternatively, if you didn’t receive a physical card but a digital gift card, you can also re-gift it. This is possible through sending the card code in an email to the recipient.


Receiving a gift show how the other person cares about you. This is true regardless of whether you can use the gift or note. For Android users who receive iTunes gift cards, the ideas above will help make the most from your gift card.

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