How a Mobile App for Employee Access Can Benefit Your Company


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  • Employers can make their employees’ lives easier by implementing a mobile app for employee access. A mobile app can help employees view their pay stubs, request time off, and clock in and out. This way, employees can keep track of their schedules, stay informed about their benefits, and work from anywhere. With a custom mobile app, employees can quickly get up-to-date information on their pay, benefits, and other information from the convenience of their own smartphones.
  • Employees can also use mobile applications to access company-specific information. Some of these apps feature a calendar, team-related information, and project-specific tasks. A project calendar makes it easy for workers to check in on projects that require their assistance. A mobile app for employee access can be a valuable tool for employees to manage their projects and stay informed of important events and deadlines. These mobile apps can help employees get more done in a more convenient way, while allowing them to connect with colleagues and clients from wherever they may be.
  • An employee mobile app can help employees access company information, documents, and other resources. With a mobile app for employee access, employees can access the company’s Intranet anytime, anywhere. With a mobile app for employee services, employees can access company information, request time off, and find contact information for co-workers. One of the most useful features of the Employee Access software is the Professional Development feature, which allows employees to submit requests for future professional development courses. It is important to note that the process is not just manual, but must be automated.
  • An employee mobile app for employee access will allow employees to view their personal information, payroll information, and more. The app will also allow employees to enter time off requests, access balances, and insurance tracking. The employee mobile app for employee accessibility is designed to help employees complete work tasks efficiently and conveniently. Besides enabling your company’s internal tools, employee mobile apps for employee access will also connect production workers with the company’s Intranet.

Improve Internal Communication

  • In addition to enhancing productivity, mobile apps can improve internal communication. They can give employees access to information from the office wherever they are. The ability to access information instantly and easily is an important part of ensuring employee satisfaction. Moreover, mobile apps enable employees to have access to their work-related data whenever they want. This helps them save time and money. Creating a mobile app for employee accessibility allows you to provide valuable information to your employees without hindering their work.
  • An employee mobile app can offer access to a company intranet and can also serve as an employee’s personal computer. In addition to offering employees access to an intranet, a mobile app can also allow employees to view and edit company data and contact other employees at any time. A single-sign-on feature allows workers to sign in with an email account, name, and password. Using an employee mobile application for employee access can also be useful for international companies.
  • While traditional intranets are an essential part of any organization, they are often not a good choice for employees. Instead, they take up valuable time. If you want your employees to stay engaged and stay connected with your company, an employee mobile app can be a great investment. This application also allows employees to view their personal data and payroll. A user’s dashboard can also display balances, view their schedule, and clock in/out with TrueTime.
  • A mobile app for employee access can help employees stay informed about company activities. By providing employees with easy access to their company’s information, it can help them work more efficiently and profitably. Additionally, it can help managers track their employees’ time. In addition, an employee mobile app will allow them to communicate with colleagues. This allows employees to share information and collaborate with their teams. With the right app, you can make your life easier and more profitable.

Easy Project Management

  • It provides employees with easy access to project and team calendars and can show when deadlines are approaching. Furthermore, employees can access important information through their phones. They can also share important information with colleagues in other parts of the company. Moreover, an employee mobile app can make internal communications more efficient. Ultimately, a mobile app for employee access can help your employees stay connected and informed about the latest updates and developments in your organization.

Automate Employee Sign in and Out With a Visitor Management System

  • Using iLobby Employee Management Software to monitor employee log-in and out sessions can help you find out if any of your employees are abusing working hours. The software can also track how long employees are on the computer during their workday and report on discrepancies. This way, you can correct these problems and build a stronger team. Here are some tips to help you automate employee sign-in and out: Read on to learn how. Once you’ve installed software that monitors computer usage, you can send out alerts to your entire workforce to help you prevent time theft.
  • Automate employee sign in and out monitoring can be done by creating a trick for each new hire card. Create a “trick” and assign it a name and description. It will receive an email every time a new hire card changes its status to “In Progress.” This will send an automated email to those employees who need to update their personal information. You can even set up your own chatbot to help employees with common questions.
  • Once you’ve created your rules for logging in and out, you can automate each task. Simply create a new trick and give it a name. As soon as something changes in a field, simply change the name of the task. For example, if a new hire hasn’t yet received training, you can set up a Jestor task to move them to the “In Progress” status. When the new hire card changes to the “In Progress” state, you’ll receive a task based on this information.


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