A Comprehensive Guide to Increasing Instagram Engagement Year on Year


Instagram has been gaining traction in the past few years. Instagram boasts of over 1 billion active monthly users. Statistics reveal that 90 percent of Instagram accounts are known to follow a specific business, and around 83 percent are using Instagram to explore and discover new services and products. Instagram is a versatile social media platform with fantastic sales potential for all kinds of brands. Hence, you may not be at all surprised to know that more than 25 million businesses are currently using Instagram for marketing and promotional purposes.

As per Forbes.com, in case, you are leveraging social media as a marketing platform, you would want to be visible. Remember the best way of sending your post to the very top of others’ Instagram feeds is engaging your Instagram followers to like, reply, and repost.

However, you cannot take it for granted that you will get amazing results just because you have an Instagram Business account because Instagrammers are known to miss around 75 percent of the pictures and posts that appear on their Instagram feeds. For reaching your target audience and interacting with your followers, it is of pivotal importance to boost overall Instagram engagement. It is now critical to boosting overall Instagram engagement. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to do that.

What Do You Mean by Instagram Engagement?

We need to understand that on social media channels, engagement rates could be regarded as a measure of loyalty of your followers on Instagram to you. It is not anything to do with your audience size, but very much about the degree of your audience’s interaction and involvement with the Instagram content posted on your business Instagram account. It is the accurate measure of your audience’s interest in your pictures, videos, and even Instagram Stories that is an important factor contributing to your business’s marketing success. Valuable data like engagement rate could play a vital role while investing in paid campaigns on the platform. Businesses with relatively higher engagement rates have the freedom to negotiate with brand ambassadors and influencers so that they promote their brands at lower rates. Similarly, influencers having a higher engagement rate could demand higher rates from businesses or potential clients.

Key Parameters for Tracking Your Business’s Engagement

Some key parameters to focus on while manually tracking your business’s engagement on Instagram are discussed below:

· Followers: We know that your followers should be a core factor that needs to be monitored to track audience engagement. Remember the size of your Instagram audience is certainly not the most critical parameter. Instead of focusing on your follower count, you should pay more attention to analyzing how fast you are acquiring new followers on Instagram.

· Likes: Likes are another crucial parameter contributing to your business’s engagement rate on Instagram. It is essentially a basic measure of whether your Instagram content or posts are well received by all your followers. It is a clear indicator of the popularity of your business’s Instagram profile. You may buy instant likes to boost your engagement at once by seeking assistance from a reliable digital marketing company like blastup.

· Comments: Comments are also a key metric to consider while tracking the exact boost in your audience engagement on Instagram. It is essential on your part to analyze comments so that you can get a qualitative understanding of precisely what your audience is thinking about your Instagram posts. Comments are a better indicator because they demonstrate the audience’s involvement as they are devoting time to writing a comment.

Tips to Boost Audience Engagement on Instagram

It is of pivotal importance to keep up with the latest trends for understanding how to boost Instagram audience involvement and engagement in 2021. Here are some of the proven ways of boosting audience engagement on Instagram.

Have a Cohesive Instagram Feed

As per Forbes, around 65 percent of humans are predominantly visual learners. It implies that they can perceive all sorts of visual information much better. Having a cohesive and stunning Instagram feed certainly is a smart way of grabbing audience attention, convincing users to keep following your brand, and giving all your followers and fans a solid reason to browse through your business’s Instagram profile regularly. A cohesive and attractive content is the way to go if you wish to boost audience engagement on Instagram.

No wonder numerous brands are in the habit of creating a series of photos of their unique product. These pictures match each other very well. These product pictures could prove to be the easiest way of looking cohesive, consistent, and unified on Instagram. As people are more inclined towards processing visual information, your Instagram feed could be a fantastic way of attracting brand new fans and followers. Your stunning content could compel your followers to keep coming back to your business profile.

Focus on Creating Savable Content & Adopting a Specific Content Strategy

You must focus on developing a specific content stratagem. It is best to generate savable content for Instagram. Today Instagram likes, shares, comments, and saves are very important. Hence, the most effective way of motivating and encouraging your Instagram audience to enhance your engagement is to generate more content that motivates your Instagram audience to tap the ‘save button’. If you are aspiring for more saves, you can use more carousel posts for sharing important information and valuable tips on your Instagram account. Your followers can always refer to your post when they are thinking about implementing those tips.

Savable content refers to any posts or content that your Instagram audience will be revisiting some time later. If you wish to actively interact with your followers, you may focus on publishing engaging and fascinating content every day. Hence, just sharing a single brand post every week is no longer a favorable option for your business. You should develop a robust content stratagem that helps to keep your business’s target audience on Instagram highly-engaged. You may start planning publications well ahead of time.

Reasons to develop a specific content stratagem:-

· It helps to generate eye-catching content.

· It is great for saving your time.

· It helps in planning ahead.

· It contributes toward building your ideal calendar.

You should stay relevant and do not forget to react whenever necessary to breaking news.

Partner with Nano-Influencers

If you wish to obtain fantastic business outcomes without investing a lot, it is a good idea to work with nano-influencers. Nano-influencers are opinion leaders who have less than even 1000 followers. This proves to be immensely beneficial as they can maintain in-person connections and robust relations with most of their followers. Hence, their posts will be getting far higher engagement rates.

Keep Experimenting with Posting Times

One highly-effective trick you could consider using for boosting your business’s engagement on Instagram is to keep posting at the perfect time. By posting at the correct time, you can easily maximize your engagement. The best way of maximizing audience engagement is posting your Instagram content when a majority of your followers are browsing through their Instagram feeds.


Boosting your audience engagement on Instagram may not prove to be that challenging if you follow the expert tips discussed above. You need to focus on experimenting to determine what contributes toward boosting engagement, then you can easily reach your Instagram target audience, interact actively with all interested followers, and take your organization to a whole new level.

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