The best way to make someone remember your social media is to impress them with amazing graphic design. Every day the internet surfers have to see lots of websites, pages, etc. Have you wondered how many they can remember? The fact is, no one remembers any of them until they are really attractive.

You can make your website appealing by adding visual elements to it. However, you should know how to introduce these elements and differentiate between what makes your website attractive and what makes it clumsy.

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Here, in this article, we will discuss 8 graphic design recommendations that are recommended by the experts to make your social media attractive. On that note you can take help from Graphic Design Services In The USA if you need the assistance of an expert graphic designer for designing your social media.

8 creative graphic design recommendations for your social media

1. Discover your goal

Before creating a social media platform, you have to figure out its goal. Discover and understand the purpose that the social media platform will deliver to the audience.

This is the very first step to designing your social media platform. Moreover, you should know who your target audience will be. Design your platform according to their likes and dislikes.

2. Choose the colors carefully

Choosing the colors is one of the crucial tasks as colors represent a lot for your social media. Every color has its different meanings and they play a vital role in graphic designing.

You can choose two or three primary colors that will be suitable for your brand. You can use different contrasts and shades to maintain the balance.

3. Typography

Typography is an important aspect of graphic design. You have to choose the font styles that can be recognized easily, as well as that will be creative. It is difficult to maintain both.

In addition, you have to choose fonts that will match the visual elements. Make sure that the font represents your brand properly. Do not use more than two or three font styles, otherwise, it will be clumsy and distract the audience, making a bad impact.

However, if the typography is correct, it will take your social media to the next level.

4. Use white space properly

White space is the blank space that is left in any content. It helps to add contrast by popping up the visual elements. Make sure that you have left enough white space so that your social media does not appear to be crowded.

5. Give your brand an identity

Your brand is something that will represent you, your business, social media, etc. Therefore it is important to give your brand a proper identity.

While creating your brand logo, make sure that the design and the font of the logo represent your brand. It should be recognizable and attractive.

6. Consistency

Every audience seeks consistency in a social media platform. In other words, the connection between the posts. When the contents in your social media will be connected to each other, they will become interesting and deliver the message and the purpose of your brand to the audiences.

Do not make the audience confused by posting things that have nothing to do with your brand.

7. Creativity

You have to be creative while you create something like social media. You can create your own ideas to design your social media.

You can use different themes to make it attractive. Other than that, you can include quotes using various texts, shapes and patterns, charts, appropriate photos, behind the scenes, reposts, etc in order to make your social media appealing and engaging.

8. Keep it simple

Always remember simplicity is the key. Do not make your social media complicated by using all of the trending elements. It will only distract the audience.

When your social media will be simple and easy to navigate, it will automatically become attractive and sober.


These are the 8 creative graphic design recommendations for your social media. You can use these tips to create an attractive social media platform.

However, designing your social media in a proper way is a little bit tricky for beginners. If you are lacking the confidence to do it on your own, you can hire graphic design services.

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