No doubt, the use of keyboard Apps for texting has become common today and every second of the user of Android uses these Apps frequently. This post is all about the latest Gboard android texting App, which is actually a free android keyboard texting app.

Recently a new update has been seen by its users Google keyboard 5.0 that comes with a number of new features. You need to be aware of them all. So here are 12 new features from this important update to try.

Also, there are a number of paid Android texting apps available in the market as well, which have number of prime features for their users. For this purpose, you may visit the websites like the buyers trend to know and learn about them.

Anyhow, let’s check below the latest new features of the Google keyboard 5.0 android texting app.

Google Keyboard 5.0: New Features

1. One-hand Input Mode

Google’s keyboard for Android phones now offers a one-hand input mode, which allows you to place a collapsed keyboard on the left or right of the screen. You can write with your thumb while holding your phone with one hand, even when you have a large phone of the phone-tablet type.

To activate this feature, select the “Language and input” tab in the Android settings, click on “Google Keyboard” in the “Keyboard and input method” section, then on the “Preferences” option. Then activate “One Hand Mode”.

2. A Keyboard of Different Sizes

It is now possible to change the size of the Android keyboard. A large keyboard should be easier to use for people with large fingers or those who have difficulty seeing characters, while a small keyboard can see more content on the screen.

The “Keyboard height” option also exists in the Google Keyboard preferences.

3. A New Way to Drag the Cursor

When this feature is activated, you can slide your finger on the space bar to move the cursor in the written text. This is probably the most practical novelty of the lot since it makes it possible to correct typing errors more quickly.

Select the “Gesture Input” tab from the “Google Keyboard” menu and choose “Enable gesture cursor control” to use this option.

4. A New Way to Erase Words and Sentences

By sliding your finger from the delete key to the right of the keyboard, you can select one or more words to delete. This is a good idea, but this option seems difficult to use correctly and could cause you to delete words by mistake. Use with caution.

Select the “Activate gesture cursor control” option under the “Gesture input” tab to activate this feature.

5. Separate Keys

The letters of the Android keyboard are displayed by default on a solid background, but this new functionality allows them to be separated into separate keys. However, this addition is purely visual, since the keyboard works the same way in one mode as in the other.

Select the “Show main border” option in Google Keyboard preferences to separate letters into separate keys.

6. A new Numeric Keyboard

The Google Keyboard now offers a new numeric mode, like on a calculator. You can access it by clicking on the 1-2-3-4 key to the left of the space bar on the keyboard containing the numbers and symbols.

7. Search and Share results

With Gboard you don’t have to leave the application to perform a search. From its toolbar, you can access the Google search engine to make and share queries.

8. Send Animated GIFs

With Gboard it is possible to share animated GIFs from most messaging applications. To do this, access the Emojis selector and tap on the “GIF” option. There you can search the Internet for that perfect GIF to respond to your contacts.

9. Write in Several Languages

Gboard allows you to write in several languages ​​at the same time, showing the suggestions and automatic proofreader in the language you are currently writing. In Settings> Languages you can activate all the languages ​​you want, but the keyboard will only recognize three languages ​​at the same time. If you have selected more than three languages ​​you will have to touch the world key to change the three activated languages.

10. Change Keyboard theme

If you want to give your keyboard a personal touch you can access Settings> Theme to change the color, put a landscape or any background image in your gallery. You can also add an edge to the keys.

11. Change Keyboard Height

In Settings> Preferences you can also adjust the keyboard height between four sizes.

12. Customize the Keystroke

If you want to customize the behavior of the keys when pressed you can go to Settings> Preferences> Press keys to remove the sound, remove the vibration, that the key was not extended when touched, see the symbols by holding each key pressed or adjust the delay for the symbols to appear when you press and hold.


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