Gojek Clone App: Proven Ways To Big Bucks


Do you want to start an on-demand business online and make huge bucks? If you have always dreamt of it, then today, all your dreams will come true with Gojek Clone App. This on-demand multi-service application is worth a million-dollar business solution because the returns you receive are incredibly humongous apart from low investment.

Want to know more about this app and how to make big bucks from it? Keep reading the blog to find out answers to all your questions!

But, first, let’s understand what this Gojek-like app is and how it works.

Gojek Clone App

A brief about Gojek Clone App

An app like Gojek Clone is similar to the original Indonesian multi-service app – Gojek. But, it is comparatively, more user-friendly, feature-rich, and has more service.

This on-demand application is primarily designed to provide convenience to your customers and bring crisp banknotes into your business.

The Gojek Clone App offers its users the following facilities:

  • It has more than 101 on-demand services to offer such as on-demand taxi booking, ordering food and groceries, online video consultation with doctors, etc.
  • It has an advanced assortment of features that help users to transfer money from wallet to wallet, track orders in real-time, view estimated delivery time, etc.
  • The application has the best facility to multiply its customer base using refer & earn schemes.
  • It has two market-relevant business models which you can choose from.
  • It makes monetization easy using this mobile app.

Well, now that we have considered the ‘earning’ part of this business, let’s see how the Gojek-like app can help you make more money.

The Guide to Make More Money with Gojek Clone App

Here is how you can make more money with the multi-service app and become a millionaire in no time!

Business Models

The two business models make profit-earning easy for your business. The model basically illustrates how you plan to make money from this mobile app.

Thus, as the app owner, you have two choices to make a suitable selection.

Commission per Service

Under the commission-based business model, you as the app owner make more money as commissions. It is here that you get to decide the commission rate for every service and define how much money you want to make with each service booking on the app.

For instance, you can choose to make 10% on every taxi ride booking, 15% on every massage session booked via the app, and so on.

In this business model, the service provider has to pay you commission anyhow, if they want to continue their service.

Membership Subscription Plan

You can also choose to make money on every subscription plan purchase, renewal, and upgrade. In this business model, you get to design different membership subscription plans with varied time validity, features, and prices.

The service providers registering with the Gojek Clone App need to purchase one of these plans to start offering their services. However, in case the plan expires, the service provider will no longer be able to receive service requests.

Monetizing with the App

Every time your customers make a booking on the app, they will help you make more money!

How? Well, this is how:

Commission on every canceled booking

As the app owner, you will be able to make more money on every service booking that is canceled at the last minute.

Say, a customer cancels the booking and is charged $50 for the same. Here, you will earn $5 as a commission when the rate is 10%. While the remaining $45 is credited to the provider’s account.

Third-party Facebook/Google Ads

Here, you can choose to integrate third-party Facebook/Google Ads into your app’s home screen and earn money on every click.

Yes! You can get paid per click from this Gojek Clone App feature. Say, for every click on the ad via your app, you get $0.50. How much will you earn for 2000 clicks on average every day?

Commission on surge pricing

The price surge is very common when booking services online via an app like on demand multi-services Gojek, Uber, Grab, etc.

The question is, how will you make money in this situation?

Suppose, a customer who travels from X to Y every day via taxi pays $25. On this particular day, due to heavy rains, the availability of taxis was very low. Luckily, a taxi driver accepted the request.

However, the price went from $25 to $40! This is a price surge. Thus, on this particular ride, you will make $4 as commission when the rate is 10% which is higher than the everyday commission (%2.5 when the fare would be $25 every day).

In Conclusion:

Have you always aspired to become a millionaire? Do you want to establish your own business?

Then, get Gojek Clone App. It is the on-demand platform that can help you make big bucks on every single service booking.

Connect with the industry experts and kick-start your business in just 1 to 2 weeks!

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