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Customers can be suspicious of even the highest quality wholesale lab-created diamonds, and with valid reason. The question arises as to lab-created vs natural diamonds wherein people wonder how something manufactured in a lab can compete with something occurring naturally. In contrast, a lot is written about the advantages of lab-created diamonds that are, even incidentally, very much “real,” thanks to innovative techniques and sustainable methods. But to avoid being conscious of buying GIA Certified Lab Diamonds, we provided a comprehensive buying guide below.

Lab created vs Natural Diamonds: Why are GIA Certified Lab Diamonds Advantageous?

The GIA’s core mission is to foster an education of gems among the general public. The most prestigious shops, galleries, auction sites, and private owners in the globe depend on the expertise and skills of GIA inspectors to evaluate, categorize, and authenticate the stones in their collections. They are aware of the significance of having access to comprehensive, objective scientific data when evaluating gems, and they have entire faith in GIA to offer it.

But then again, there isn’t any mining associated with the production of GIA Certified Lab Diamonds, and now many companies that make these gems do so using renewable power, which results in zero greenhouse gas emissions being left behind. This is the most significant advantage of opting for wholesale lab-created diamonds over the conventional method of acquiring new gems. In addition, lab-grown products allow you to stretch your dollar further without automatically compromising on quality.

How to Buy GIA-Certified Lab Diamonds in Rare Carat?

Now, we arrived at the most awaited part. To buy GIA-certified lab diamonds, you must do a lot of research and find the right shop affiliated with the GIA itself. Rare Carat is not just a reputable search tool for lab diamonds, it also directs customers where to buy the lab-grown diamonds they are looking for. Here’s how easily you can buy Rare Carat Lab Created Diamonds:

Step 1. Open Rare Carat

Using any device, simply search “” in your browser, and you will be redirected towards the website that you are looking for. You don’t really need to create an account or register, but you’ll need the basic requirements for payment.

Step 2. Search for your choice of GIA wholesale lab-created diamonds in the provided tab

Rare Carat offers a wide range of jewellery inside the website that you’ll probably spend the whole day browsing. Thankfully, there are sections and organizations to help you gain control of your shopping. You can also search easily; I’m the provided tab of Rare Carat. To give you an idea here is some jewellery that you can find in the said engine:



  • Solitaire
  • Pave
  • Halo
  • Three Stone
  • Hidden Halo

Color of metal:

  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Platinum
  • White gold



  • Stud
  • Huggie Hoop
  • Pave hoop
  • Cluster
  • Halo
  • Double Row
  • Classic page



  • Round Solitaire
  • Rolled bail
  • Vintage round
  • Fluted bezel
  • Halo pendant



  • Four prong
  • Cluster pave
  • Bar bolo
  • Hinged diamond
  • Clover
  • Interwoven cuff



  • Kennedy pave band
  • Gabriella pave band
  • Vine band
  • Abigail pave band
  • Rosella band
  • Riley band

You can also opt to buy pure Rare Carat Lab Diamonds for your own preference. But speaking of preference, Rare Carat is also open for adaptive customization wherein you can send the design or create a style for your diamond jewellery.

Step 3: Customize the selected jewellery, and diamond.

In Rare Carat, you are allowed to illustrate a particular design that you want on your own jewellery. For instance, you may pick a size, color, type and more to ensure that the diamond arriving to you is the perfect one that you’re looking for. If you happen to find a prospective jewellery or lab-grown diamond already, then you don’t have to do this step. As you may know, Rare Carat prioritizes the preferences of every client, so we hope that you already have a design in mind or you’re willing to choose from the provided options. You should also have a certain budget planned.

Step 4: Check Out/Order

Provide all the details and profile that you need to move your transaction. Currently, Rare Carat is only available in the 50 states of Canada and the US. It may take days up to weeks for the GIA Certified Lab Diamonds to arrive. The further you are, the longer it may take. Don’t worry because you can always track your order in their “My Orders” section.

About Rare Carat Lab Diamonds

Rare Carat employs a large team of gemologists who will be delighted to assist you during the entire process. To communicate, you need to tap the blue conversation box that is located in the lower right-hand corner of the homepage. They give the most competitive costs attainable by forming a partnership with diamond distributors and jewellery makers. To provide you with the best possible purchase process, Rare Carat will take care of both the fulfilment of your order and all of your client service needs. In addition, we promise that you will receive precisely what you have purchased or your cash will be refunded.

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