13 Free Backlink Generator Tools to Get Quality Backlinks Quickly


Last updated on April 25th, 2022 at 10:25 am

Looking for awesome, time-saving, and (moreover) free backlink generator tools for your link-building campaign? Your search ends here.

Blogging is certainly a tedious, tiring, and make-you-exhaust job. Especially, when you have to fight over 100 Million+ blogs to make your blog stand out from the competition.

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Despite the stiffness of the competition or hard work required, most bloggers put their best into their blog; only for the purpose of getting a good amount of traffic.

But, blogging itself is made of rather fragmented tedious work.

And, one of those is none other than SEO. While SEO itself makes most of us feel TIRED, one can’t still overlook it. If used properly, it can do wonders of wonders. SEO involves various strategies from Keyword Research and Optimization to Link Building.

While the former one takes a handsome amount of time, the latter one, well! no words for describing how much time it takes. As one needs to search for bloggers which allow do-follow link, leave back a comment, and hope that it gets approved.

I do respect the value of time. As most of you might be either school/college-going students or 9-5 Office-goers, there might be little time for both of these.

So here’s the instantly way of making good quality links with the help of:-

Free Backlink Generator


SubmitFish (also known as serfish.com)

Backlink Builder Tool 


Free Website Links

IMT Website Submittor

Small SEO Tools

Free Backlink Creator Tool



iSubmitter (Paid one)

LinkMitter (Paid one)

So, here’s a gigantic list of free backlink generators. You can build many backlinks through it, and get a good ranking on Google and other search engines. Or, you can even get backlinks through comments.

Have I lost any free backlink generator? Do mention it out here!

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