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Last updated on August 7th, 2017 at 01:21 pm

Female for English (India) notification has been there on most of the devices and the annoying fact is that it won’t go just by swiping across the notification bar. The “Waiting for WiFi” message displays intact and the notification returns as soon as you wipe it off. Here’s a fix for the same which takes less than a couple of minutes to implement.

The notification (Female for English) is being displayed either because there had an interrupted TTS (Text To Speech) download or download can only be completed over WiFi. As far as you use the mobile data, it just won’t go and displays “Waiting for WiFi” message. In this tutorial, I will guide you how to remove that annoying Female for English (India) Waiting for WiFi notification on your phone.

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How to Remove Female for English (Country) – Waiting for Wifi Error from Notification Bar

If you chose ‘US’ as your locale, you might be seeing Female for English (US) instead of India. However, this workaround would possibly fix such error and help you remove it from your notification panel.

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  • Turn on your mobile data or connect to a WiFi network which has data access.
  • Now head on to the ‘Language & Input’ option. If you’re on MIUI, it’d be under the ‘Additional Settings’.
  • Under ‘Speech’ option, tap on “Text-to-speech output”.female for english error fix
  • Now choose the “Google Text-to-speech engine” under Preferred Engine tab.female for english waiting for wifi
  • From there, tap on “Install voice data” and choose the language according to your notification.female for english waiting for wifi
  • Let it download. Once it’s completed, just reboot and see whether it still showing under notification panel.female for english waiting for wifi
  • If it still shows the notification, Go to Settings>Installed apps>All>Download Manager>Clear data
  • Done!

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This tip has worked on my Redmi 3S Prime running on MIUI 7 and MIUI 8 and it’d definitely work on other devices including Redmi Note 3 etc. In case you’re still seeing the same error under notification bar, just re-download the language packs over WiFi. If you’re having difficulties while removing Female for English (Waiting for WiFi) error, let me know via comments.


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