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If you like to surf websites on the internet that are not allowed in your region, then Virtual Private Networks are the best for you. There are tons of benefits of using Virtual Private Networks, aka VPNs. One of the crucial benefits is that it secures your network. Apart from that, there are a lot of VPNs that allow you to hide your private information. Also, suppose you have a good VPN service provider, in that case, you may get advantages such as preventing data throttling, avoiding bandwidth throttling, gaining access to geo-blocked services, network scalability, and many more. In this article, we will talk about various fasted VPN apps like LadderVPN so that you can enjoy all the benefits without disruptions.


There are tons of VPN apps in the market that claim to be the fastest. However, if you want to experience a fast VPN, you should not refrain from downloading the Express VPN. the app is available in more than 90 countries. Apart from that, it has many unique functionalities, such as you can check your weekly VPN usage, connections everywhere, and many more. One of the best things about the express VPN is that it keeps your data private even if your VPN connection drops.


If privacy is your primary concern and wants a VPN app that ensures safety, then you can trust NordVPN. One of the significant benefits of using NordVPN is that it gives protection from malware-hosting websites. Also, the app ensures that your connection is encrypted wherever you go. NordVPN provides various services such as private connection wherever you go, a combination of speed and security, more than 5000 servers in 60+ countries, and many more.

IPVanish VPN

With more than 5 million downloads, IPVanish is considered one of the most reliable VPN apps in the market. It makes sure that your connection remains safe. Along with that, you enjoy the fastest available server. To enjoy the fastest network, you must tap once for the most immediate server connection on the phone screen. Also, it allows you to take control of your IP address. The app consists of features such as zero traffic logs, unmetered connections, 2000+ servers in more than 75 locations worldwide, and many more. Apart from that, it has many advanced features you will find and be amazed by after downloading it.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN is a swiss based VPN app that ensures strict privacy laws protect your data. One of the best aspects of the Proton VPN is that it has thousands of servers in 60+ countries. Hence, you can connect to any network that provides the fastest services. Also, it allows you to access everything, such as Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar, from any corner of the world.

Windscribe VPN

One of the feature-oriented VPN apps is the Windscribe VPN. the app has many features such as encrypting your activity, blocking ads & trackers, a strict no-logging policy, and servers in more than 63 countries and 110 cities. All these features make the app the most reliable one.

Summing up

Before you install any VPN app, it is essential to make sure to read all the privacy-related information. If used wisely, VPN apps can be an excellent source to learn and apply many new things. Thus, get the suitable VPN apps from the list mentioned above of fastest VPN apps like LadderVPN and begin the joy of surfing.

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