5 Factors That Affect the Cost of Uber Pharmacy Delivery App Development


With the advancement of technology, people’s lives are becoming easier. In ancient times, people run to pharmacy stores to buy medicines if they felt sick. Nowadays, people can stay in their homes and can order any medicines even with an online consultation from a physician.

We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future as technology can change anything in the world. In the Online pharmacy market, the revenue is expected to be US$52.33 billion by 2027.

Before you plan to start a pharmacy delivery business, you need to consider a few things.

Understanding the estimate of the whole cost and required investment will give you a good idea to start on-demand app development. Therefore, this blog will walk you through the cost to develop an on-demand medicine delivery app.

5 factors that affect the cost of uber pharmacy delivery app development

Due to the high demand for medicine delivery, most pharmacy stores and dealers are developing medicine delivery apps to offer their products online. You can consider the below factors that may affect the cost,

  1. Features and Functionalities
  2. Technology
  3. Location
  4. Development time
  5. Company Reputation

1) Features and Functionalities

The cost of the pharmacy delivery app is determined by the features and functionalities that will be included in the application. The more advanced features you plan, the more costly it will take. Also, fulfilling your audience’s demand is essential for you in order to withstand the competition.

The delivery app should have 4 elements – customer app, delivery app, store panel, and admin panel

Here are some must-have features to include in your pharmacy delivery app for each category,

i) Customer App:

  • Registration and Login – Users should have the ability to create an account with simple steps. This feature can be approached in different ways, and the most efficient one is logging in using a phone number with a one-time password in a real-time to speed up the process of sign-ups and sign-ins.
  • Profile management – Once the customers successfully create a new user account, they should be able to add their personal information.
  • Search medicine – customers use medicine delivery apps mainly to find drugs. So providing a quick medicine search is essential since it helps customers to find their medicines without wasting their time.
  • Search Filters – In order to make search results easier, having an advanced search filter can help customers to sort out nearby pharmacy stores based on their preferences.
  • Order medicine – Your app should have the option to place an order without any hassle. Also, we need to make sure that customers get different payment options to order medicines based on their needs.
  • Order history – It’s a must-have feature, especially for long-term customers with chronic diseases. This helps your customers to reorder medicine easily.
  • Ratings & feedback – Customers should have the ability to report any problems or rate the delivery experience on your app. Therefore, you need to have an option for customers to rate and provide feedback.

ii) Delivery partner

  • Document Submission – After signup, the drivers can add their personal information to the app. Also, they need to upload documents like driving licenses, and vehicle registration documents for the admin to verify. Only after this verification process, the admin should allow drivers to accept the trip request
  • Push notifications – Helps drivers to know that he/she received the trip request and about all changes happening to an order.
  • Navigation – Navigation features really help drivers find the best routes to a destination.
  • Delivery status – It enables drivers to change the status of an order from “received” to “delivered.
  • Ratings – This feature allows drivers to rate the delivery experience after completing the delivery.
  • Cancellation Reason – Delivery partners can select the reason for canceling the request and these reasons can be managed by admin.

iii) Store Panel

  • Order Management – This feature allows the pharmacist to manage past and current orders. It helps pharmacy stores to get notified about all new orders.
  • Manage transactions – It helps pharmacy stores to manage all the transactions on the store panel. They can also view the completed and future transactions.
  • Earnings Report – Pharmacy store owners should have the option to view and monitor the daily, weekly, and monthly reports from the store panel. There must be a dashboard to display all the reports.
  • Operating Hours – Sometimes, the store might be unavailable to accept orders. Therefore having the option to set operating hours is a very important feature.

iv) Admin Panel

  • Dashboard – a robust dashboard to manage all your customers, delivery partners, stores, orders, and total earnings.
  • Auto payout – The platform should have an option to automatically send payouts to pharmacy stores. Admin should be able to hold payments if necessary.
  • Sub-admins – There must be an option in the platform where the admin can give a role and allocate privileges to sub-admins to manage the pharmacy delivery platform.
  • Manage categories – Admin must add new medicine categories, and delete or edit them if needed. They can also change the availability status for each category.
  • Manage Users – Admin should be able to manage customers and delivery partners. If needed, the admin can delete or ban users from the platform.
  • Manage service fee – This feature allows the admin to set multiple service fee structures. For example, there should be an option to set the service fees as flat or distance-based fees.

2) Technology

The pharmacy delivery app has different parts and a complex backend architecture. It is mandatory to choose a wise technology that saves a lot of development time and cost in the long run.

We can split the development into three parts – Front-end, Back-end, and API integrations. Here is the recommended technology stack for smooth and faster performance.

Front end:

  • React
  • Redux
  • Bootstrap
  • React Apollo and Apollo client


  • Expressjs
  • Sequelizejs
  • GraphQL
  • MySQL

Mobile API:

  • Expressjs
  • Sequelizejs
  • GraphQL
  • MySQL

iOS and Android app:

  • Flutter(Dart language)
  • GraphQL schema
  • Socket IO
  • Firebase
  • Google Maps and Geocoder

3) Location

The location is a very important aspect that determines the cost of building an app. You need to consider the location of your project’s developers, designers, and other development teams if any. The reason is, it has a significant impact on the development cost.

For the development of mobile apps, you might need a project manager, QA team, graphic designers, developers, UI/UX designers,

So, it is recommended to keep an eye on where your mobile app will be developed and where your team is located.

4) Development Time

The time required to build a pharmacy delivery app has a big impact on your investment. Therefore, building a team capable of managing the development process will be more cost-effective in many ways. Choosing the right technology will save a lot of time during development.

5) Company Reputation

The cost of app development will be pretty much low when you work with a reputable medicine delivery app development company. They will handle all essential aspects for you in a cost-efficient manner. Undergoing deep research about their technical capabilities and portfolios of their existing customers will allow you to know more about them.

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How much does it cost to develop an Uber pharmacy delivery app?

As mentioned above, there are many factors involved to determine the cost of developing an on-demand medicine delivery app. Roughly, the cost varies between $20000 to $45000 and might extend more if you wish to add more advanced features to your app.

Due to this, many startup business owners prefer a readymade script to build their medicine delivery app in a short span of time. One of the main advantages of readymade scripts are,

  • 100% source code
  • 100% customizable
  • White label solution
  • Cost-effective

Do not hesitate to start your pharmacy delivery app development today!

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