Do This for Facebook Conversions: 7 Facebook Video Ads Best Practices


Did you know Facebook users hit over four billion video views every day? Considering the average video engagement rate on Facebook is 6.01%, you can see the immense advertising potential.

However, it’s one thing to put up a Facebook video ad and quite another for it to convert well. Unless you think through tactics that can level up the conversion rate, your campaign won’t be cost-efficient.

Keep reading for Facebook video ads best practices that can help you get better conversion rates.

1. One Purpose per Video Ad

It may seem elemental, but you would be shocked at how many advertisers don’t grasp the fact that purpose will drive action. As a rule of thumb with Facebook video ads, each video should have one purpose.

For example, if your goal is to demonstrate how useful your product or service is, your video should focus on being instructional. Trying to show your product’s usefulness with an aspirational ad may not deliver the results you need.

When you create a Facebook video ad with a clear purpose, it’s much easier for the audience to connect with your call-to-action (CTA).

2. Plan for Videos That Play With No Sound

Did you know that online users watch 85% of videos without any sound?

With that reality in mind, your design strategy needs to be oriented around your video being able to communicate even when the sound is off.

When you take away the sound, you are left with the visual element of your video. That means you need to figure out how your visuals can capture and engage a user’s attention independently.

An idea here is to create shots that are based on color. Additionally, each frame can help differentiate the elements of your product or brand for users to get the message without having to rely on the sound.

3. Create an Impact Within the First Few Seconds

When your target audience members get onto Facebook, they face a deluge of posts in their News Feed. As such, they have to select the information they want to look at.

If you grasp that critical user behavior nugget, you will realize why grabbing attention early is mission-critical. Your Facebook video ad needs to draw a user’s attention within the first two to three seconds for a user to continue watching it.

Try to avoid adding an introduction section in your video as it takes up valuable time. If you have a person talking to the camera, you should provide a context at the very beginning for users to understand your message.

Another issue to avoid that can tank your ability to grab attention early is communicating too much. Make your video ad concise for it to deliver the impact immediately.

4. Keep It Short

The average person’s attention span now stands at eight seconds. What does this mean for your Facebook video ad? You have a very short window in which to communicate with your target audience before they start zoning out.

If that’s the case, what’s the ideal length for your video ad on Facebook?

For a standalone video you would place in the News Feed, Facebook advises that your video be no longer than 15 seconds. If you can shorten it to less than 15 seconds, the better. Shorter videos tend to garner higher completion rates, which improves your conversion.

If you plan on placing the video before other content (pre-roll) or in the middle of other content (mid-roll), target five to 15 seconds. Sure, the platform allows you to go up to 3 seconds for such in-stream videos, but it’s not ideal.

5. Upload Natively

Historically, many advertisers preferred killing two birds with one stone by uploading a video on YouTube and then linking it on Facebook. Though on the surface that seems smart, you risk lower conversion rates if you use third-party links.

Any video ad you want to serve on Facebook should be uploaded natively.

When you upload your video directly to Facebook, it receives a bigger thumbnail. Moreover, only videos uploaded directly to Facebook auto-play in a viewer’s newsfeed. There has also been rife speculation that Facebook’s algorithm offers natively uploaded videos more organic search visibility.

6. Looks Still Matter

Specific user behavior aspects do not change, and an attraction to well-designed content still holds sway. That’s why some Facebook users go as far as figuring out how to download Facebook videos so they can share them on other platforms.

Developing eye-catching Facebook ads is critical because there is so much content bombarding your target audience, and you have to stand out.

If you don’t have a big budget that should not keep you from doing the basic things that give you a better ad. For example, you don’t need to spend a lot to use colors in your video.

The thumbnail is another inexpensive way to make your Facebook video ad stand out. Making an eye-popping thumbnail is especially critical as many users tend to deactivate the auto-play feature.

If Facebook’s suggestions for a thumbnail from your video don’t stand out, opt to upload a unique one instead.

7. Target Mobile Devices When They Are on Wi-Fi Only

Quite a number of users conserve their cellular data when using mobile devices by turning off video auto-play. However, not all users do so. If auto-play is on and the cellular network is slow (as it typical compared to Wi-Fi networks), the video will stop playing.

That gives the user a poor experience, and if their device isn’t the latest generation, the slowdown might cause their device to hang briefly. Such users inevitably stop engaging with your ad, leading to a wasted click you still have to pay for.

As a remedy, consider targeting mobile devices only when on Wi-Fi as you set your Facebook video up.

Doing so won’t have a significant negative impact on your potential reach, and using Facebook’s Estimated Daily Reach tool can prove that.

Invest in Facebook Video Ads Best Practices to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Video content has taken over Facebook. This presents a compelling opportunity for advertisers.

However, without using Facebook video ads best practices to boost your conversion rates, you’ll end up spending more for mediocre results. Dig deeper to understand tactics that can make your Facebook video ads take off to get attractive returns.

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