Facebook Ad Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2023


Social media ads, and especially Facebook ads, are still going strong. So, it is essential you know exactly how best to approach making them! We are here to help with our list of Facebook ad mistakes you should avoid in 2023.

Having too general an audience

One of the most serious Facebook ad mistakes you should avoid in 2023 is not targeting a specific audience. Many people, when approaching social media ads, including Facebook ads, make this mistake. It is because there is an assumed guaranteed outreach that they count on. Unfortunately, this makes ads unappealing to everyone instead of generally appealing. If you want the best possible results, you need to figure out which group would take to your product or services the best and make the ads as attractive to them as possible. Coincidentally, this is one of the best tips to set up your eCommerce business from scratch, too.

Targeting the wrong audience

Now, we’ve talked about selecting a ‘target audience.’ However, you can’t just pick one at random, either! For example, say you focus on selling handyman tools. You can’t really focus most of your marketing on teens, can you? There is a target demographic that would best fit your product, and you need to do research in order to ascertain the exact one. The same goes for any product, really—makeup, clothing, etc. Things do get a bit tricky when it comes to some products and services.

An example would be the troubles faced by moving companies or even furniture manufacturers. You’d assume such things appeal to everyone, right? Again, wrong. Depending on the design of your furniture, you might target young professionals, wealthy individuals, or young families. And, depending on whether you choose to specialize in short or long-distance moves, your ideal ad audience shifts, too.

Poor product emphasis

Another of the Facebook ad mistakes you should avoid in 2023 is not properly emphasizing your product or service. You may have noticed that, recently, a lot of emphasis has been placed on using people in ads. And this is fine since it immediately makes the ad ‘relatable.’ However, by overemphasizing the model, you lose focus on what the ad is all about: your product or service. Should you cut out people from your ads entirely? Well, no. This is a current marketing trend, and it is there because it works. You just need to work on making sure they don’t steal all the attention away from what should really be emphasized.

Ad crowding

One of the most serious Facebook ad mistakes you should avoid is ad crowding. This happens when a business wants to cram as much information and promotional material into an ad as it can. As the experts from moverstech.com like to say, sometimes, less is more. And in the case of Facebook ads, this is definitely the case. Stop obsessing over getting every bit of info on the ad! You can do that on your landing page instead. The most important thing about an ad is that it looks appealing and interesting. If people want more info? Then they will feel compelled to click on the ad, which will give you more opportunities to convert them into customers!

Bad landing pages

Speaking of landing pages, while they are not on the ad itself, they are still very much relevant to our subject. You see, another Facebook ad mistake you should avoid is paying too much attention to the ad at the expense of the landing page. The landing page is the page that clicking on the ad takes you to. It should contain plenty of details about the service or product featured in the ad. And only about it! Do not make the mistake of including other products and services there. It just dilutes the effectiveness of the ad you had invested in! If you want to make the most of your advertising budget, then you should absolutely have a separate landing page for each of your products and services. This helps keep potential customers focused on them and streamlines the conversion process.

Failed branding

Another thing you don’t want to miss out on is branding. Getting people to buy your product or sign up for your service is excellent. However, it is even better to build a dedicated customer base that recognizes your business. So, make sure that your ads feature your logo and that they all come in ‘your’ font. Similarly, the ads should be based on your company’s colors. This will all build up an easily recognizable image that lets your customers immediately recognize your ads. If you don’t work towards this, you are partially wasting your marketing investment!

Generic ads

Leveraging current trends is acceptable. Copying them entirely is not! After all, there are only so many similar ads people can be intrigued by before they start reflexively ignoring them. And you definitely don’t want your own ad to fall into this category for obvious reasons. You can easily lose a ton of outreach, not to mention waste your marketing budget, if you fall for this trap. Always try to have something unique about your ads. It can just be your color scheme and creative use of the font. Or interesting product placement. Whatever it is, you need to make sure your ad stands out compared to the competition.

Poor phone compatibility

The final of the Facebook ad mistakes you should avoid in 2023 is poor phone compatibility. Now, you’d really think that people would learn after all these years! The number of users who browse Facebook and other social media on their phones is overwhelming compared to people doing so on their PCs. And yet, in spite of drives to help businesses learn how to operate online, some still fail to account for compatibility. In other words, their ads, or even their sites, barely work or look awkward on anything that isn’t a PC browser. If you want your ads to be effective and your outreach as good as possible, you need to ensure your ads are compatible with every device.

Final comment

With our list of Facebook ad mistakes you should avoid in 2023, you should be able to make your ads successful! Remember that to perfect your ads; you need to put constant effort into marketing. After all, trends do change over time.

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