At a young age, it is unavoidable for children to fear exams. When the teacher announces that there would be an examination to test how much they’ve learned, children tend to feel discomforted and sometimes panic. As a parent/guardian, it is your responsibility to help them out in studying beforehand; you should guide them as they understand the lessons and continue to encourage them when they some problems are too hard for them. Give them a new perspective when they hear the word “exam”. In order to also help you out in guiding your child before an exam, here are some ways you could do.

Learn with them

Before you help your kids, you have to know what it is that you’re helping them with. Read their books and notes, understand their subject. Ask them what they’ve learned on that subject, it is the best way to know where to start and what it is that you have to explain further. If they see you trying to learn with them, it would be the best encouragement for them to take studying seriously.

Converse with the teacher

Teachers are open to parents who are involved and supportive of their children. Talk with the teacher and ask for advice on what points should be focused on when studying, also, teachers always has examination and study aids with them, ask for those, it would help your kid practice.

Find a tutor

If you’re busy or if you just simply want to give your kids the best studying guide, finding the best tutor online is the perfect solution. Tutors with high qualifications and has positive outlooks in life can assist your child in understanding their lessons. They would be able to serve a better strategy in letting your child prepare for the exam.

Balance their time

A major flaw in a parent’s learning method is that they only want their kids to focus and dedicate their time to studying alone. They reprimand their kids if they get distracted. Parents shouldn’t take away the kids’ childhood from them. They are at the age wherein they want to play, and that is a constant fact. As a parent, you should handle their time, set a schedule, assign a fair time for them to play and study.  Let them take breaks in the middle of their study time.

Shower them with encouragement

Let your kids love learning by showering them with encouraging words. Let them feel unpressured by letting them know that they can do it and that the outcome doesn’t define their worth. Replace their anxiety and fear with the feeling of competitiveness, through that, they would feel thrilled instead.

Practice with study tools

There are different types of study tools you can use with your kids. The flash cards are one of the most commonly used tools; you can make them feel as if reviewing is just like playing a game with them with the use of those cards.

Let them have the proper rest

A day before the exam, you should let their minds relax. Let them have the proper rest. Don’t force them to study until dawn or the other way around wherein you wake them up at dawn to review. Don’t let them practice cramming at such a young age. Teach them to study a week before the exams, it will be much more helpful on their part.

Examinations aren’t done to pressure the students’ minds. Instead, these are done to check how much they have understood the specific lessons and help them learn from experiencing passing and failing as well as tackling with hard situations. It is also a way for the teacher to know whether he/she has to reteach or to move on to another lesson. As parents, you shouldn’t be the source of the pressure, don’t get mad or plant high expectations on them; their young minds cannot handle much stress. If they get a low grade, help them learn. Don’t use force or harsh words just to persuade them to study. Help them, don’t pull them down.

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