I have plenty of used items in my arsenal and I sell them when I no longer use them. What I learned over the years that the items we consider trash is a treasure for others. I purchased used goods from others that brought plenty of opportunities for me. Apple throws thousands of returned in the landfill and god knows the percentage of the recycled materials.

Why selling unused or old goods is good practice?

There is a popular that I have modified to fit this conversation and this is how it goes “the value of goods does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see it’s true worth!” I’m not stating that readers don’t have the ability to understand the true value of the goods.

However, I recommend putting every single unused or no longer in use items on sale because it will add greater value to someone else life. I always encourage individuals to put small to smallest items on sale because many treasure hunters might be looking for it.

Selling unused goods will give a new life and meaning to the items.

The global environment is a subject of debate and the majority of the waste ends up in landfills increases the risk of environmental damage.

  1. Find Goods Value

I dislike the concept of undervalued because I want to earn every single penny that I can salvage from the old products. I have an iPhone that I want to sell to an interested party but I’m unable to put the correct pricing on it. First, know the value of the product in the used market and then put a good price tag that dominates the market.

Step 1: Find the value of the used goods.

Step 2: I want to sell an iPhone 6, I will enter the device model in the search bar and hit enter. Many 6th series devices were listed on the screen and click to select one to continue.

Step 3: Now, let the calculator know about the current specifications of the device and then select the condition of the phone.

Step 4: Learn about the current trade prices in the USA and other parts of the world.

I wouldn’t say that the iPhone trade price remains the same in every country because of the demand for the old machine and available stock. The trade price varies from product-to-product and availability of the machine.

  1. eBay or Online Store

Many auction websites and online stores started to support people to sell goods to the public directly. I purchased several used products online including eBay and other similar websites. I mean, I cannot find reasonable deals on used Graphics Card, 144Hz LED Monitor and phones than auction websites.

However, I warn the readers to be careful on these websites because they are spending time to identify the loopholes and exploit them. Scammer’s numbers have gone up over the years and they are spreading traps to dupe hard-earned money.

  1. Yard Sale or Garage Sale

I have watched several YouTube videos, where popular content creators visited yard sales to pick up used goods in mint condition & non-working condition for their next video project. Don’t get embarrassed by the yard sale because it is a treasure for spare parts and saving Earth from more landfill.

  1. WhatsApp Groups or Facebook Groups

Millions of groups created by the locals, so they can start selling stuff online and I consider this fastest way to achieve your goal. I recommend checking out the latest invitation links on blogs and join them for quick selling. Of course, finding an ideal group is not easy an easier task but I recommend checking them out for quick deals.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook started to spend plenty of time in different markets and they started putting their hands in several ponds. The used market is a public demand commodity and the authorities could not ignore it. Start selling goods to locals, who live nearby you and FB has tons of information about the people nearby and they are good at targeting them.

Check out FB Marketplace

Bottom Line

Facebook Marketplace works in different parts of the world and I recommend checking the C2C business portals for good prices. The FB geolocation tool automatically detects the location and provides accurate results. Selling old stuff after finding the trade value is a good practice for goods returns and saves the environment.


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