Ever encountered with “Downloading English (India) – Waiting for Wi-Fi” notification on your Redmi phones? I know the pain! It just doesn’t go by simply swiping right from the notification bar. I had the same issue on my Redmi 3S Prime and I came to know that this particular issue is common with most of the Redmi phones including Redmi Note 3, Note 4, 3S Prime, etc.downloading english (india)

By the way, it should not be confused with the “Female for English India (Waiting for WiFi)” notification. I shared the solution for that issue here:

Female for English India (Waiting for WiFi): Remove from Notification Panel

Though both of these notification looks the same, the root cause is different. Downloading English (India) comes from an interrupted download of Google Voice Typing where the Female for English (India) is shown because of an issue with the Text-to-speech Output. In both cases, the solution is quite simple. But finding, from where does it comes, is the key.

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How to Remove “Downloading English (India) Waiting for WiFi” from Notification Bar


First of all, open Settings> Additional Settings> Language & input menu. Then follow the below instructions exactly as mentioned.downloading english (india) waiting for Wi-Fi

  1. Under Keyboard & Input Methods option, tap on Google Voice Typing menu.
  2. From there, tap on the Offline Speech Recognition option.downloading english (india)
  3. On the next screen, you could see the interrupted/waiting language packs. As long as it stays there, you keep getting the “Downloading English (India) Waiting for WiFi” notification. Cancel/stop the currently downloading language pack under “Installed” tab. Then choose the Auto-update option. Taking xanax http://xanaxbars.net/before-taking-xanax-bar/
  4. We have to manually download the language pack from there. But by default, it doesn’t download such files over mobile data. Which means, we’ve to change the download preference. For this, under the Auto-Update tab, choose the second option. i.e., “Auto-update language at any time. Data charges may apply.stop "Downloading English (India)"
  5. Now head on to the “All” tab (located in the middle) and from there, you could see the entire list of languages that can be downloaded.
  6. Tap on English (India) or whatever, according to your locale.Downloading English (India) Redmi 3S Prime
  7. Once you click on the language option, the download will be started and the corresponding notification will be removed permanently from the notification bar.remove downloading english india notification
  8. Optional: Reboot the device once the installation is completed.

Though it isn’t necessary to reboot the device, it helps to remove the cache files. The “Downloading English (India) Waiting for WiFi” notification won’t be appearing again in the notification panel of your Redmi phone after performing the aforementioned procedure. In case if it still shows the notification, Go to Settings>Installed apps>All>Download Manager>Clear data.

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This workaround has been personally tried on my Redmi 3S Prime which runs on MIUI Global Stable ROM and will work on all devices, including MIUI 7. If you’re having difficulties while removing Downloading English (India) Waiting for Wi-Fi from the notification bar by following this guide, let me know via comments.