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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be described as the process of improving organic traffic. It helps in the ranking of any website in a particular search engine such as Google, Bing, and many more. SEO serves as a checkbox for your website maintaining the important aspects of any webpage. These aspects involve the intent of the topic addressed, the relevance of the content to the customers, and the quality of the content. The search engine optimization specialists know it all and they put all their efforts into the same.

SEO also includes the creation of quality content that is in demand from the targeted audience. Also, it helps in monitoring the technical health of the websites and acts as a medium to link other websites to yours for the added network. All these factors greatly contribute to the ranking of websites done by the search engines. Thus, ultimately, it improves the search traffic to your website. Here’s a list of 6 SEO techniques you may opt for to address websites’ traffic concerns:

6 Best SEO Techniques to Boost Websites’ Search Traffic

1. Keyword Gap analysis

Two main factors affect the SEO of any webpage and those are optimizing existing content and creating new quality content. While less time is needed for updating the existing content, efforts should be concentrated on creating new quality content.

The new content on the website should have a purpose and they should be able to justify why those pieces exist on your website.

2. Earning authority backlinks

One of the tough challenges in any SEO is to earn authority backlinks at a reasonable scale. These authority backlinks are one of the top deciding factors in rankings by search engines. Involving digital PR or search engine optimization specialists can bring many benefits.

These benefits include driving organic traffic through referral, creating engagement in a locality, and many more. There is also the advantage of increasing brand awareness and sales when one adds digital PR to the SEO campaign.

3. Improving organic CTR

Organic CTR is another factor that affects the ranking of your website in any search engine and optimizing it can improve the organic traffic to your pages.

While the title tag of your content can draw the attention of the audience, the meta description can also impact the click-through rate of your website. So, you will need to put the effort into optimizing both of them to get an improvement in overall CTR.

4. Acquiring competitor’s broken backlinks

Quality backlinks to the website are very important and building them from scratch is quite difficult. But if you put enough time into finding broken backlinks from your competitors, fixing them and adding them to your website can be very handy.

After finding those links you can add to your relevant existing content or create new content according to the backlinks.

5. Trying supportive content

Supportive contents are important pieces that add depth to your website in terms of topics. They maintain the image to the search engine as well as the audience that you are an expert on the topic and can help you get a better ranking.

Though creating supportive content alone can’t bring thousands of organic traffic every month, it can earn traffic through other channels when the promotion is done correctly.

6. Optimizing image search

Many businesses leave the image search un-optimized which can result in reduced organic traffic. And when the image search is optimized with SEO with the help of search engine optimization specialists, the results can be very promising. You should consider updating your Alt tags, file names for images, resizing images, reducing the file sizes for images, etc.

You can also create an image sitemap for your website. Also creating a process for adding new images ensures that these points are taken care of thus needing fewer efforts for image search optimization.

Wrapping Up!

These discussed techniques are some of the best basic SEO techniques used by search engine optimization specialists around the world to boost the organic traffic of any website. But as the organic traffic for a website increases, you will need to increase the standards of your SEO techniques. Taking a deep dive beyond the basics would take your website to a whole another level.

While working on these SEO techniques, you also should look into opportunities that any competitors have missed. You must take advantage of them to implement a new strategy for your website.

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