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The world of work has changed greatly in the past year if the pandemic is anything to go by. Subsequently, HR tech solutions are emerging, revolutionizing how businesses search for and hire employees. These HR digital trends and tools are providing support to C-suite HR professionals particularly HR vice presidents in making informed decisions on the talents that they hire. Additionally, they are able to work efficiently and have time to focus on important things. By enhancing an organization’s recruitment tools, such as velocityhcm, it is easier to create a workforce with the most qualified employees in a competitive employment market. Essentially, HR digital trends are crucial for any business in meeting the changing needs in the hiring process. Failure to do this, businesses risk falling behind in finding and hiring the right fit for their teams.

Here is a list of five digital trends that are changing the hiring process for the better.

1. Artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in the employee recruitment process has been on the rise and is defining how recruitment managers do their work. Technology is optimizing the hiring process. With AI-based algorithms, employers can find invaluable insights on potential candidates from various sources. It can analyze the social media life of potential candidates to identify social media activities and shares that help determine if a candidate is fit for the job or not. AI-based algorithms can also be used in analyzing facial expressions in video interviews and sentences in written interviews. It is also helpful in reviewing resumes, learning from the analyzed data, and using it to schedule interviews as well as push potential hires up the hiring process.

HR vice presidents have the duty to ensure that the hiring process is free of bias. AI is proving strong in this area by supporting AI-powered writing tools that can be able to spot and replace language that might be biased in job descriptions.

2. PEO services

As digitization takes shape and more companies aim to expand to other parts of the world, the issue of recruiting candidates in foreign countries seems daunting. The vice president of HR has a duty to ensure that candidates are hired compliantly and according to the labor laws of their countries. Thankfully, PEOs have come in handy to bail employers out. Global PEO companies are emerging at a rapid rate.

For instance, PEO in Canada is one of the PEOs on the rise that are revolutionizing the hiring process for businesses. A PEO Company can really be helpful to streamline the hiring and payroll processes. They have the tools to source candidates and analyze their data and information from various sources in a bid to ensure that their clients land the best candidates. It is a relief for HR vice presidents as they can leave the hardest part of hiring in foreign countries to the experts.

3. Automation

The hiring process can be tedious not only to the recruiters but to the candidates as well. Vice presidents of HR have the task of ensuring the best experience for the candidates to prevent the best fits from quitting the process. Automation helps improve the experience of the potential hires by shortening the length of the recruitment process. This is because tasks that have been done manually in the past can be integrated into a human resource management system. With automation, recruiters have an easy time managing resumes, scheduling interviews, and keeping track of the hiring process to ensure that no time is wasted.

4. Chatbots

HR vice presidents not only have a duty to ensure that the company lands the best talents, but must also ensure that the company stands out as a positive employer brand. One way of ensuring a good impression of the candidates is by answering questions that potential hires have about the company. Chatbots are helping answer questions such as how to apply, benefits and compensations, and the status of the applications among others. This gives the candidates an effective way to learn about the company before applying without waiting for so long to get answers from a human HR professional.

5. Data privacy

As technology advances so are the cases of cyber security rising and raising concern for potential hires who have to share their sensitive information with recruiters over the internet. HR vice presidents have a mandate to protect and guard peoples’ data as well as protect employers from expensive scandals and court cases. Most HR professionals are taking data privacy protection seriously by deploying digital technology tools such as cloud storage to store sensitive data securely. They are also using digital signatures to protect job contracts.


The use of HR digital trends by the C-suite HR professionals has been on the rise. Moreover, it is not showing any signs of stopping any time soon. As the HR VP, you have the duty of keeping up with emerging digital trends in the field of HR to ensure that the hiring process is efficient. Keep an eye on the above five trends to see how they can be integrated into your organization.