It’s impossible to deny the facts on how technology is making a big difference in the way that the world does business. From the word of mouth to television and radio ads, entrepreneurs swayed away from the traditional methods and now rely on the internet to spread the news about their business.

Digital marketing has especially enhanced the way people advertise their products and services. It’s definitely the most convenient yet most effective promotional strategy available today. So, there’s no wonder why almost all industries are now leaning on online campaigns for their marketing strategy.

As more and more people are starting their own business, sectors are becoming more crowded and the competition is becoming tighter. As a result, startups are getting lesser chances of succeeding. This is where digital marketing becomes useful.

Businesses that are pushing themselves in the digital landscape are seeing better chances of succeeding. In fact, statistics on how effective different digital marketing strategies are show values that can never be met using traditional marketing campaigns. For instance:

•         A study by OptinMaster shows email marketing boosts ROI to up to 4400%.

•         Screwpile Communications says social media marketing helped 78% of businesses using the strategy perform better than their competitors.

•         CBRE claims mobile commerce will account for 53.9% of all eCommerce sales by 2021.

•         Advanced Web Ranking shows how SEO helps businesses with 67% of clicks on search engines go to the top 5 search results.

•         According to BigCommerce, 4.89% of businesses using influencer marketing say the strategy is equally effective or even better than other marketing channels.

With all these numbers, it’s indeed convincing that digital marketing is the new king in business promotion techniques. Experts also believe that these statistics will still shoot up in the coming years as more businesses embrace technological advances.

To help small business owners and startups in their online campaigns, we’ve gathered information to see which industries are successful at using digital marketing and how they’re doing it.

Top Five Industries Using Digital Marketing Platforms

While digital marketing is the new norm in promoting brand awareness, there are five industries that serve as the biggest players in the online world. They always come up with smart online campaigns that capture millions of consumers and other sectors ought to learn from them.

1. Retail

The retail industry invests heavily in digital marketing. That’s because people are now shifting to online shopping as it is more convenient than driving to the malls, department stores, and individual shops. This trend has made eCommerce platforms very successful. In fact, Amazon was declared the most valuable public company in the world in 2019, surpassing the previous title holder, Microsoft.

Other retailers aim to be as successful Amazon, but without proper digital marketing, they won’t have even the slightest chance of reaching what the tech giant achieved. Worse goes for those who are not yet open to using online campaigns. They get left behind in the competitive pit and fail to build consumer loyalty, which is the main ingredient of high revenue.

Today, the retail sector uses email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and mobile marketing among many other techniques for its online campaigns.

2. Fashion

The fashion industry has grown so big that it is now separating from the retail sector. In fact, when you try to open the different social media platforms, you will see tons of ads promoting startup and big fashion brands.

Statistics even show that nearly 1.8 billion people shopped online in 2018. Over half of this population bought clothing items. This only shows how people of all ages, of all genders, and from different walks of life are so hooked to fashionable items. So engaging with them where they hang out often – the online world – will be a big advantage to fashion brands.

Furthermore, 63% of all shopping occasions begin online. They either go to Google or Amazon to compare prices, check product specifications, and read reviews. That said, the fashion industry is putting an effort into its digital marketing strategies, most especially on social media marketing, influencer marketing, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing, and content marketing.

Also, put in mind that images are crucial in promoting fashionable items. People also want to receive what they saw on photos so don’t try to fake them. Placing the complete specifications also helps shoppers make a more informed decision and avoid buying the wrong items. So it’s important to indicate the size, color, and condition of the items. Otherwise, they won’t ever go back to your online shop.

Videos can also make your ads more reliable. When publishing them online, you can increase your chance of getting noticed by incorporating hashtags and buzzwords in your posts.

3. Food

One of the most entertaining scenes on social media is food adverts. People love seeing mouthwatering cuisines and they sell quickly to their audiences.

The food industry greatly relies on videos and images to promote its products. Recently, food-providing businesses are being creative with their content that people nowadays refer to social media posts first before they actually buy from the and mortar stores. Even culinary experts browse online ads to get inspiration for their own food creations.

That is how influential the food industry is in the online world. Businesses compete on posting good reviews and tap influencers to promote images of their food. And like we mentioned, they’re everywhere on social media most especially on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. So, if your food products aren’t on social media yet, you better start posting them on the platforms now and watch how quickly your revenue increases.

4. Healthcare and Beauty

Face masks, serums, collagen, and cosmetics – they’re quickly dominating the Instagram platform. Beauty influencers, as we call them, are extra active on Instagram. You’ll see them entice their audience with their before and after photos when promoting a product and the strategy is definitely effective. Women are especially conscious about how they look and with so many influencers posting their young image at 50-years-old, they get easily convinced to buy.

This is how the beauty industry is taking advantage of influencer marketing in their online campaigns. And the same goes for healthcare products, most especially at these times when people have become extra health-conscious.

5.  Fitness

Apart from wanting to look attractive, most men and women in their 20s, 30s, and mid-40s want to achieve a sexier body. But it’s not just all about looking sexy. Fitness is also a part of a healthier lifestyle.

Many people are looking for the right products to achieve the body they want. In fact, the industry makes around $80 billion of revenue yearly. This only proves that there are so many people out there that fitness and nutrition companies can reach out to and the shortest route to them is through online campaigns.

Bonus: Other Industries Actively Using Online Campaigns

Moe other industries are realizing the benefits of bringing their campaigns online. Apart from the five sectors we discussed above, the following industries are also using digital marketing strategies, from social media marketing to content marketing, to grow their revenue:

·         Automobile

·         Law

·         Entertainment

·         Education

·         Real Estate

·         Travel, Leisure, Hospitality

Improving Your Online Campaigns

If you think your online campaigns are not working, don’t fret because there’s always room for improvement in digital marketing. Nobody did it right in their first try. Businesses always try several marketing strategies before they can actually discover what works well for them. But the first step is to bring your business in the online world.

The second step is to review your campaigns and see which one is giving you the highest revenue. If you are not making any sales yet from your online campaigns, then know which strategy is giving you the most engagement with your audience. From there, research on what kind of ad is most captivating to your target audience. Is it a video advertisement? Is it a paid ad? Or does influencer marketing make more sense? Whichever works best, be sure to deliver quality content.

Once you build a solid connection with your audience through your ads, you can now work on establishing a loyal customer base. You can offer coupons or points rewards to keep them coming back to you for product or service purchase. Then follow up with them about their experience using your product or service and ask for their recommendations if they feel like there is something that needs to be improved.

If you are just starting, you can also hire a digital marketing expert to guide you on the right track. And don’t forget to invest in a responsive and secured website as online shoppers don’t have much patience for browsing through slow-loading sites.

Billions of people are hanging out online every day. Facebook alone records over 1.7 billion active users daily. Instagram says 500 million users are creating stories every day. Meanwhile, over 2 billion people are logging in to YouTube on a daily basis. So if you’re wondering why you should start creating online campaigns today, the answer is almost everyone in the world is online and you can engage with them more effectively in that realm.

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