Do you want an app that works similar to Uber, GrubHub, and other multi-services on a single platform? Or, do you wish to develop an app that is similar to the market giants but much more powerful than them? To make all your wishes come true, the Gojek clone app has brought a digital platform that includes all the services that all these individual apps offer. The only difference is that every single service offered on this app is an enhanced version of the ones provided on the individual apps.


You can provide numerous services on the app to your users. But, so far, that also depends on the cost to build an app like Gojek, as it would determine the services you could invest in the platform. Here are the categories that seem best to integrate within the platform:

1. Taxi ride-booking like Uber

Allows your users to book taxi rides from their current location to anywhere in the city. Vaccinated taxi drivers near the user’s location will then be sent ride requests. Once they have accepted the request, they’ll arrive at the pickup location, and within the estimated time and pre-fixed charge, drop off the user at the destination.

2. On-demand services

Gojek clone app offers multiple on-demand services. The user has to say the name and the same service will be available on the app. In this service type, the users can hire on-demand:

  • Beauticians
  • Car washers
  • Babysitter
  • Massage therapist
  • Plumber
  • Doctors
  • Road assistance

Well, the list goes on! The users can opt for these professional services from the iOS or Android smartphones and even the website.

3. Delivery of stuff

The users can also opt for getting things delivered to their doorstep. From food to groceries, stationery, and even medicines, this app is the one-stop-shop for everything. Gojek clone app users can order items for nearby stores and shops and get them delivered to their homes through the app assigned vaccinated delivery drivers wearing a face mask and hand gloves.

4. Parcel delivery

Delivery of couriers from one place to another in the same city just got easier with this app. App users have to have to select the vehicle type they want. Depending on the weight and the quantity of the parcel, the users can hire a cargo, mini-truck, or even a normal big truck!

Just like Uber, couriers here are transported from one place to another.


This app is actually the very best solution for your multi-services on-demand business, it delivers something more than just an experience. This all-in-one provides more than one reason to love it and choose it. These are:

1. It is user-friendly

This extensive app is designed and curated to be fast, user-friendly, and seamless. This smooth UI experience and the navigational panels are the ultimate ‘eye-catchers’ of this app.

2. The app is secure and supportive 24/7

This app is secure as it’s made with the most reliable technology stack. What’s more, the entrepreneur gets 24/7 support to make this app much better!

3. Rebranded for your needs

Gojek clone is built to suit the entrepreneur’s business needs. The app includes all the required features that can help your business grow in the best possible manner.

4. You’ll get the source code

Once the app is developed, approved, and launched on the App Stores, the developer will zip and send the source code of their app to the entrepreneur. Using this code, your company can make required enhancements in the future or anytime they want to.

5. Multiple languages and currency

The entrepreneur can choose multiple languages, currencies, and even payment gateways to make your mobile app more accessible and easy to browse.

Talking about the gateway, the local gateway platforms are integrated into the app so that any transaction that takes place on the app is ‘secured’.


1. Different components of the multi-service app script

When purchasing the clone app script, the entrepreneur must ensure that they are getting a complete package and not just a single coded app. The most common deliverables of the script are:

  • The customer iOS and Android apps – make every service accessible at their fingertips.
  • Website – the website is useful when the users don’t have a smartphone or when the stores are managing their orders. The website may not come in handy on the road or while walking if it isn’t optimized for mobile use but when you have a laptop or PC, pretty much everything is accessible.
  • Admin Panel – is the main control center and the management center of the business wherein the entrepreneur can track their revenue, manage orders, and other operations too!
  • Vendor app – it empowers the service providers to manage their business in just a few clicks!
  • Delivery driver app – it is the main app with which your delivery executives can make the deliveries efficiently.

2. Only a well-established white-labeling firm offers the best Gojek clone script

To gain all these benefits and deliverables, ensure that you’re purchasing the right script from the right people. Only licensed and globally reputed white-labeling firms offer market-relevant, mature, high-quality, and optimized ready-made solutions that are then rebranded and launched in the market in 1 – 2 weeks only!


Purchase the Gojek clone script today because it’s the only way entrepreneurs can earn the success and profits they’re dreaming of. Developing and launching the app won’t take much time or money if you’re choosing the best package to go with!

So, choose white-labeled collusion over the option of building the app from scratch!