Why You Need to Customize Your Event Marketing Strategy & How to Do It?


Creating an Event Marketing Strategy before every event is crucial. The primary reason to create a different event marketing strategy for every event is that you will have different segments of the audience in every event. No, you don’t need to start from scratch every time, you just need to customize your already created event marketing strategy.

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Importance of Customizing Your Event Marketing Strategy

The primary goal of customizing event marketing strategy is to please your audience in a way that they buy the event tickets. Montreal Digital Agency can help you create a customizable event marketing strategy. In fact, they can also help you market your event so you have a high number of visitors at your event.

Different events have different audiences and you need to target the right ones to increase the sale of tickets. For example, if you are organizing two events: corporate events and trade shows. Only a few audiences of corporate events are going to come to trade shows and vice versa. If you keep advertising trade shows to corporate employees, the event is going to flop.

Now that you understood why you need to customize your event marketing strategy, let’s have a look at the steps to do it.

Predicting the Target Audience

As mentioned above, you need to give first priority to your audience when creating an event marketing strategy. At Montreal Digital Agency, we work closely with event managers and producers to get an idea about who the target audience is? We also focus on other aspects such as who is buying the event ticket? What do they do? This helps us get a clearer idea of the target audience.

Divide the target audience into segments

Now that we know who your target audience is, its time to attract them to buy the tickets. You can focus on the demographic specifics and average income to create customer personas. This will help you divide them into segments and use personalized targeting to improve the chances of them buying tickets.

Use Social Media to your Advantage

With an increase in the total number of social media users, there is a high chance of your target audience being present in the top social media platform i.e. Facebook. Use paid advertising on Facebook to reach a maximum number of people. Make sure you use the targeting feature available in Facebook advertising efficiently.

In fact, Live Streaming has become an essential part of social media. Live Streaming increases engagement. Using it to your advantage can help you increase attendees.

Design Your Ad Specifically for the Event

You need to craft your ad in a way that encourages engagement. Relying on the canned call-to-action button won’t help you anymore. You need to give special attention to word choice and sentence structure, ensuring it is crafted especially for your audience. When you craft the messages especially for your audience, you will notice a 40% increase in sales.

Give Importance to Paid Ad Strategy

We are living in a world where people Google every little thing. Even if they feel like fever, they Google the symptoms before even deciding if they should visit a doctor or not. Leveraging the power of paid ads can help you reach people who have shown interest in events similar to yours.

In fact, once you have decided your target audience you can improve targeting by selecting a lookalike audience on Facebook ads. When it comes to Google ads, Google automatically looks for people searching for events similar to yours and presents the ad to them while they’re browsing. Paid ads are the best way to generate high results in a shorter span of time. You can decide on your budget and the duration of ads.

Bottom Line

Make sure that you design your ad copy based on the event and the type of audience you want to attract. However, it is also crucial to stay true to your brand voice. Leveraging the power of social media and paid ads can help you generate results faster.

You can always contact Montreal Digital Agency to help you build a customizable event marketing strategy.

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