Because content is the essence of any modern website, you should constantly improve your writing techniques in order to improve your digital marketing results.

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Content is king in digital marketing

If you’re wondering how to get traffic to your blog, the answer is quite simple: write better content. There are countless strategies that you can put into implementation to raise the quality of your content, so more and more individuals will spend time on your website while also sharing the articles you publish.

By improving your content development techniques, you will not only manage to optimize your search engine rankings (free, organic traffic) but you’ll also improve your brand’s reputation and positioning.

In today’s article, you’ll find out how to get more traffic to your blog and website by applying several insightful techniques that most professional writers use on a day-to-day basis. Let’s get started.

Know Who You’re Addressing First

The most common digital marketing advice when it comes to content creation is “know your audience”. What does that really mean?

When you think about how to get blog traffic, you’re actually considering how to attract potentially interested readers. The nature of business is, simply put, value in exchange for value. People enter your website and blog because they’re looking for something. That can be information, inspiration, education, curiosity, benefits, and so on.

Before you write anything, make sure you understand who you’re addressing. You can do that by brainstorming questions like “What are my audience’s needs?” or “What are their problems?” or “What are their beliefs and convictions?” and so on and so forth.

Another way is to survey the followers that are already checking your social media pages and blog on a regular basis.

Write Content for Readers, Not for Google’s Robots

SEO is important, but not as important as your actual readers. Many webmasters commit a huge mistake: they are obsessed to create content that fits Google’s algorithm rules.

Well, guess what: Google wants you to create natural content with your reader in mind. If the content is written for robots, your readers will eventually figure out that you’re not writing to help them but to help yourself!

Produce Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is the type of content that never expires. If you’re wondering how to get traffic to your blog in the long run, start writing about topics that will always be relevant.

Of course, you should balance between the trending continent and evergreen content, but put more emphasis on the latter. Do that and your blog will always be relevant both to users and to search engines!

Write Like You’re Having a Dialogue

I used to be an academic assignment writer, and I used to do a really bad job during my first months. One day, one of my clients asked me: do you write this essay for me? For my teachers? For yourself? That was a real breakthrough!

I have immediately realized that exceptional content is written with a single person in mind, so try to imagine that you’re having a dialogue with your ideal future customer. One person only!

Include Power Words in Your Headlines

Headlines are often more important than the content itself. Why? Well, put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Would you click on a headline that doesn’t spark any emotions? Would you enter a website if the title of their articles is mediocre and common? I bet we all know the answer!

A great way to make your headlines more attractive is to use the so-called “power words”. These are terms that are proven to trigger emotions and to spark curiosity. Start using strong words and you’ll notice a big positive difference in your results!

Short Sentences, Short Paragraphs, No Blocks of Text

When readers enter a website, they don’t immediately start reading – they skim through it. If they see blocks of text, they won’t even bother!

To improve your text’s readability and get more social signals like shares and comments, make sure that your content is easy to digest. Write short sentences, keep your paragraphs short, and never create blocks of text!

Don’t Forget About CTAs

CTAs (calls-to-action) are considered to be the cherry on top of the cake. When a user finishes reading your content, his first instinct is to leave the page. To improve your website’s traffic and reach, ask your users to do something for you.

For example, ask them to share your content with their friends. Or, ask them to contact you for more information. Or, simply provide a link to an older article that offers additional useful information.


Content writing is a fine art. By developing your writing skills, you’re not only improving your cognitive abilities and mental health, but you’re also opening countless doors to professional opportunities. The benefits of great writing don’t stop there.

As you’ve probably figured out, every business you’ll run will need content to thrive. By producing it on your own, you’re keeping your brand’s image the way you want it to be while saving a lot of money throughout the process!

Bio: Michael Turner is a small business owner and content publisher for various business magazines. While he was in college, he used to help his colleagues and friends complete their academic assignments for small compensations. His passion led him to a fruitful writing career that constantly puts him in front of amazing opportunities.