5 Clever Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts on Instagram


Every blogger knows Instagram is an amazing tool to grow your blog. You can use it in a cleaver to generate more traffic to your blog with posts, videos, and Instagram Stories. It’s not an easy task for the startup blogger to find the perfect mix methods and tools to grow your blog traffic. That’s why I’m here to help you to promote your blog on Instagram with a few easy tips.

These practices are simple and easy for you and you can target a related audience for your blog on Instagram.

1. Share the blog post on the Instagram stories

It’s great if you show your latest blog post in front of your Instagram followers by using Instagram stories. According to Vidmob’s report in 2018, 70% of Instagram users watch Instagram stories every day. You can use the Instagram stories to promote you’re your blog post and the popularity of the Instagram stories is not shrinking anytime soon. Apart from that, this will also help to reach out to your new fans which can help to add more fans to your blog.

You can do some tricks on your Instagram channel.

  • You can create a click-worthy new blog post teaser on your Instagram stories.
  • You can Tag yourself to help your fans to find Your Latest Blog Post.
  • Find some amazing tricks to use Instagram blog post with your stories to grow your blog.

Stories teaser is not one of the excited things for your Instagram follower to know about the blog post content. You have to invest your time to generate content for your blog post.

2. Established a network with other bloggers to enhance your reach and grow your blog

When you try to find out how to use your Instagram to promote your blog post then it’s easy for you to focus on the things which can you do for your blog. No one can do it for you to grow your blog. It’s good if you collaborate with other bloggers or a strong community in your niche that can help to expose your content to a new audience. This step helps to increase the number of your blog post fans.

Consider a network connection that is a part of blog promotion on Instagram.

  • Search the blogger, community, companies, brands, and influence that are related to your niche.
  • Interact with these groups and accounts in natural ways like commenting, liking, and even resharing!
  • Tell about yourself and approaching for partnership, collaboration, features, and if any..!!

You are worried, how to find out the related industry bloggers? Start to use #hashtags to search related niche bloggers to collaboration. You are already aware of popular #hashtags related to your niche. You can use them to find some other blogger’s contacts.

3. How to use Instagram post with stories

Story teaser is not only an exciting way to grow your followers to promote your blog through Instagram. You need to find some easy to use strategy to promote your blog on Instagram and get more blog followers within minimum efforts.

Here are some tips:

  • Share your blog post on your Instagram stories with an amazing caption.
  • You can include two posts on your Instagram stories. You can add your second topic on your stories to learn about more of the specific.
  • You can share a feed post on your stories.
  • You can also create some amazing tutorial, demo, display, or information topic on your stories.
  • You can end your Instagram stories by placing a link to your blog.

You can add more stories on your Instagram that can help your followers to learn more about your blog. This step is cool and amazing to share the information about your blog post.

4. Use Images and Videos:

If you want your Instagram stories more engaging then you should use photos and videos. Photos and Videos help to make your content more engaging. You can use some image editor’s to make your image more attractive and engaging for the readers.

Here are the good ways, you can apply…!!!

  • Invest your valuable time to create an amazing video or image for your Instagram stories.
  • You can use the latest camera or add some lighting to capture an amazing picture for your blog.

5. Rewrite your Instagram caption:

The caption is an important and crucial step to connect you with an audience. It makes it easy to make attention to your followers on your instagram stories. It’s important to spell check before sharing your caption with Instagram followers.

Here you can do…!!!

  • Start your caption with a shocking hook, or funny stories.
  • Share real though and experience with your followers.

It’s important your caption should be clear and not sound like sales or pushing too hard. You have to focus on user experience to provide solutions to anyone.

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This article is shared by Akshay Sharma. He is a blogger and writer of the Happiness Creativity Blog. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.



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